Written by Bushyboy

28 Jun 2014

March fuck night.

We had our usual meet last Sat and it was fabulous with the couple Stan and Jean, Mick, myself and another guy Bill. Another guy Jim was down to join us but he got called away for work last minute. Bill with his wife, do a bit of swinging in groups at private parties, both being fed up with the normal club scene and the people that attend them, so he decided to join us.

At the start all the guys were standing around a small tall bar table all naked sipping a beer and chatting while Bill and I were preoccupied with running our hands all over Jeans's bra and a little short skirt while she was doing the same to the other boys. A little while later my hand happened to meet Bill's underneath her skirt only to find she had no panties on as we felt the sweet softness of the cheeks on her bum….I love it and so sexy as I ran my hand around to the front of Jean…. it was only a matter of time before my finger happened to part those luscious shaved lips of her pussy which were so hot and wet... fuck it was nice.

Then laughing she said to all of us "am I a bit overdressed ?" ……of course this was like letting a bull in to a china shop so we all just had to help her be just like us....naked. Mick by this time was so hard with his cock sticking straight out like a flag pole and having a cock very much like Tom's but a little more thicker was ready to go.

Jean couldn't help herself and grabbed it with one hand and backed up on to it only to push the throbbing member between the cheeks of her bum, as he took her in his arms and cuddled her hand sized tits. Not to be out done, the 3 of us Bi guys made a beeline for the bed to suck and play with each other's cocks while Jean told Mick to lie on his back and she rode him like a good cowgirl does....she loves it, giving her so much pleasure.

We all swapped places with Mick as time went on and Jean was able to have one cock up inside her with the other one to suck on and you could see she was having the time of her life .... such a sweet smile of rapture on her face between orgasms. Bill has quite a nice cock on him too and with his wife spend a bit of time at private swingers parties and had no hesitation in putting his cock inside Jean as she sat on Mick to give her a double penetration.

This not only made her groan as both cocks moved about close to each other and made her shout in ecstasy as she reached yet another body shaking orgasm. All this was too much for Bill too as the nerves underneath the head of his cock were rubbing on Mick's big piece of meat and he couldn't hold on any longer. He had to unload his balls full of hot cum up inside Jean and all over Mick's cock.

By this time Mick had to have his turn and swung Jean around and over on her back without leaving her and with those thick powerful thighs of his fucked her so hard that she had trouble in keeping my cock in her mouth with each stroke he gave her, .... she simply loved.

Every now and again she would take the cock out of her mouth and shout "oh oh oh" in sheer rapture. Her tits would bounce and shake like a bowl full of jelly with every stroke so it wasn't long before she reached the climax of a number of orgasms as her body jumped and shook one after another.

After this, we all had to retire temporally exhausted for a drink, a spell and talked about everything in general as we all took in the horny, raunchy, sex filled atmosphere…so nice. Everyone was so happy too with a smile on their face that said one of happiness and contentment you only get being amongst friends having fun.

Jean had made an apple pie earlier in the day to try out her new oven which turned out beautiful and tasted so nice for a half time snack...we all enjoyed it. Mick sat on the couch with Jean lying face up on her back and head on Mick's stomach where she could fondle his soft cock while he caressed her tits as we all talked.

She was so comfortable with her legs wide open draped over the arm of the lounge where she would casually play and stroke her shaven pussy with her other hand. The rest of us boys did the same watching, talking and fondling or the occasional suck on each other's cocks as we all rested there on the lounge….it was such fun.

Stan, Bill and I sat there enjoying the pleasure and feeling, of the cock that god gave all of us as we took in the sexy scene which was so much better than watching a porn movie....more natural and raunchy. Stan and Bill have nice cocks and balls too and being Bi and well hung, they swing like the branches on a palm tree in the breeze on a tropical isle when they walked .... so clean and shaven .... enough for any girl to want to explore, such and to have and hold. But when their manhood starts to rise and awake to the attention their cocks are given they paint such a more and enticing picture of only such a gorgeous hard cock can give ...such a beautiful piece of equipment.

I looked at Jean and thought it was time to have a taste of her as we all sat around so casually...she seemed so comfortable and thought she might like something a little more than apple pie. So I got up and knelt down between her legs as she swung herself around to sit next to Mick where she could stroke his cock. With her feet resting on my shoulders I was able to be so close to her as I ran my tongue, lips and nose all over, in and out of those gorgeous frilly shaven lips of her pussy.... a beautiful picture indeed.

She tasted so nice with traces of the boys cum and all of the natural juices a woman has down there between their legs. Every now and again her body would jump or move her hips as I sucked and licked her pussy like I was having breakfast..... it was so nice. I spent quite a considerable time between her legs enjoying and devouring her as she smiled and looked at all of us as she slowly become more horny and turned on.

Mick liked what he saw too and his cock responded much to Jean’s delight as it slowly rose and got hard and big as it stuck up between his thighs. He just had to have Jean again and wasted no time to give her what she wanted right there on the lounge where she lay down with her legs wide open. This time he fucked her so hard and fast and wasn't going to hold back and gave her all he had in huge thrusts panting heavily as he came right up inside her. We all loved it and such a nice end to a lovely night.