Written by Hubby

21 Dec 2016

Well for those who have been following my long path , to have a hot wife ,this is the latest up date, however a better read is the whole lead up to today's posting .

Just quickly ,these are the previous post dates and titles;

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26/9/16 (two married wives, getting sex on the side).

OK, so now you understand how I have progressed to my wife Sam being a "hot wife" , when she was never going to do such a thing , she has not been pressured by me (Hubby) , however it was quite deviate in how I got Sam to get a bit of stray cock for her enjoyment and my pleasure.

Me and my mate Jarrod , were down the pub , discussing how he had last fucked my missus (he still does not know that I video it all on my lap top that is in the bedroom ,but does not look like its on) , and after a few beers I suggest that we should have another social night , all four of us , so as he's always got an excuse to visit my house (usually while I'm at work),neighbors and other people don't notice a strange man calling in.

So after I suggest that we have a night out ,at the big league club , to see a tribute band,bit of dancing afterwards and a lot of drinks , Jarrod agrees and I then go on to suggest maybe his wife might enjoy a bit on the side ,to which he says back to me " My missus would never go for that sort of thing (blah,blah,blah) , to which I say well what if I could seduce her into it would you mind"(now Jarrod is feeling guilty that he is fucking my missus with my consent,so he really has nowhere to go here) "go for it mate he says ,chinking my glass".

As I'm leaving i tell him ill call with details etc.

Well were at the club, the girls have outdone themselves ,(they are both fucking each others Husband ,but not openly ,so they have dressed super sexy to turn there secret lovers on, but also to outdo each other to see who can look the hottest ,as ladies always do ) , we take our seats compliments are being swapped between us all.

I bring back the first round of drinks (and as is my nature I'm looking at the other three all trying to look at there respective lover without getting caught,lol).

A little later we are all primed and have loosened up ,and we all get up to dance , I am watching Jarrod's wife Helen's tits trying to escape and jiggling around , but equally my missus Sam looks just as fuckable .

We take our seats get another round and just start talking sexy banter , then the band starts back up and I suggest to Jarrod to get up and have a dance with Sam and I with Helen,so up we get and were all gyrating around trying to not look stupid and drunk, but the girls were right into it ,just then Helen Says to Sam "I need to go to the ladies ,all this drinking and dancing..." and they left together as girls do .

Were sitting waiting for the girls to come back, Helen then says to me "come Mr. were not done yet" ,and Sam says "leave us out" ,Jarrod says "Hell get the next drinks".

I am dancing and leering at Helen (fucking her with my eyes,I'm sure some of you girls out there have had that before eh.).

after the song ends we start to head back to the table and the band changes pace and puts a slow number on , Helen pulls me back and we nestle into each other and as I lean in close I whisper "fuck you are sexy tonight " "and how good do those titties look" Helen blushes and notices her nipples are sticking right out hard.

I look over to Jarrod and Sam and he is running his hand slowly up her thighs gradually heading to heaven, I motion to Helen to see , she then squeezes closer and we start to slow dance , I start to grab one ass cheek and caress it pulling it away from the other ( I have been told by previous ladies that this feels very naughty), I whisper in her ear "I want to fuck you again, feel this and push my semi hard cock towards her vulva area, this makes her blush and squirm a bit , but I press on.

Shortly the other two get up and start smooching /dancing not really looking at us but catching glimpses, I am now still working her bum cheeks but gradually lifting the dress hem to give any fellow perve's a flash ( something many guys do)(just giving back ,guys lol).

I start to nibble Helen's ear and then I move her head around and stick my tongue in her mouth and kiss her "did you enjoy the other night at my place ,cause I did you are a great fuck" , "Yes she whispers back , I really needed it ,he hasn't touched for ages ""to busy ,fucking my missus I reply".

Now shes all worked up I slip my fingers between her legs for a feel ,and wow she is drenched , her string is all up her crack,sticky and slimy I slide one finger in her wet pussy (no,it gets sucked in) and my thumb is rubbing her clit , Helen squeezes my hand and shudders , and lets out a contented sigh.

Pulling back just slightly I rub my fingers all around the area between both holes and pull my fingers out and proceed to rub them over her lips , and then I inhale the unmistakable aroma of 'cunt ready to be fucked', and then lick them clean.

Helen ,says out loud you are so naughty, reaches down and rubs my hard on through my pants .

We head back slowly and notice the other two are also getting a bit amorous , but not quite the way me and Helen had been,Jarrod's hand was fully between her legs when he pulled away and made it look like they were just sitting there .

I was about to get another round of drinks in ,when Helen pipes up and say's ,"lets go back to our place for coffee or maybe a liqueur or two , what do you think guys ?".

To which all four of us has an ulterior motive "that sounds like a plan ,"I say.

We pile into a cab out front , Jarrod up front for directions, me in the back between the two girls (to hard to straddle the hump in tight dresses) , and we head of to Merewether ,not far from the beach.

Sitting in the darkness in back of the cab , I slowly reach between my wife's legs and start to push up to her panties ,Sam of course starts resisting as she probably does not want me to know that shes wet , but gives up as she does not want everybody in the cab to know that I'm trying to finger her , so when I reach the spot her gusset is stuck in her cunt , and the lacy panties were soaked, but I still had a spare hand , and as Sam was looking out the window as if nothings happening , i slide my other hand straight up Helen's dress , her legs part easily and a I slip two fingers straight in and curl them up and slosh them about , she is squeezing her cunt muscles for both our pleasure and the cab reeks of hot pussy (two flavors hah!).

When we arrive , we enter the rumpus room take our seats opposite each other , both girls not really trying to be modest , with there dress hems both rising high , due to the low lounge .

The girls slip into the kitchen , prepare the coffee and nibbles , and were 'girl chatting ,I suppose '.

Jarrod and I both sniggering at each other , and us both ready to fuck somebody.

After the coffee, Sam surprises me and say's who wants a tour of the house , to which SAm replies not now I'm still a little wobbly on my feet , from all that drinking, Jarrod say's "no thanks ,seen it before ",lol.

I jump up and say , "can you see the beach from here ", Helen replies " come on ill show you"

We head upstairs , I'm running my hand up her gorgeous legs and also flipping up the hem getting an eye full of that cute bum of hers .

She takes me into the master bedroom and I start to push her towards the bed , but no she opens the balcony doors and slips outside , taking in the night air and views of the coal ships out to the distance, I move round behind her and start dry humping her and put my hand round front rubbing her mound through her dress, Helen is groaning but not objecting , but does say"we cant do this here , they might come up " I reply "its like last time Jarrod's probably got Sam's knickers of and fucking the life out of her by now ,and like I told you before hes been banging her for ages now , so just relax , and if they did come up ,what could they say , so trust me they are taking the same time opportunity as us .

I reach up and slide Helen's g string off and it is slimy and wet ,I play with the pussy juice on the gusset and lift it to my nose and take a giant whiff of her cunt WOW!.

I pull her back off the railing ,just enough to bend her over , unzip my pants and pull my very hard cock out (I have mentioned, before in a previous post that I have been told by another married woman (Karen) that its not a small one )

my cock just slides effortlessly into her very hot and wet cunt , and we both cant wait , we are fucking like rampant animals , not even bothering to be quiet . I reach down and run my fingers around in the slime then slowly slide one right up her bum hole , to which she cums all over my cock .

I say to her , next time we fuck I'm going to stick my cock in your ass .....

She came again, pulling out and her cunt dribbling she starts to go to the bathroom and says "I'm gonna clean up and have a pee before we go back down " I reply "you know my rules pee yes ,clean up no " as she is sitting on the toilet she opens her legs wide and is trying to get her string back on ,when I reach down and start rubbing her clit,she say's "no that will make me pee" so I rubbed harder and she peeded all over my hand (felt like putting my hand under the hot tap,lol).I then lent in and took the g string from her "souvenir" I say

After we make ourselves semi decent we head back down stairs and as they hear on the stairs they straighten up as well

Helen breaks the ice and says who wants a nightcap , and heads off to the kitchen , as they are pouring the Baileys out Helen ,says "you two best stay the night to late to go home and we have plenty of room , I wont take no for an answer,so its settled".

The two girls wander off to prepare the room ,towels ETC.

I start chatting to Jarrod "so what type and color undies did Helen wear tonight did you notice when she was getting ready " "as a matter of fact i did "he say's " a small skimpy thong thing black lace with a cute little red bow above the pussy area, I have never seen her wear that sought of stuff, maybe your missus has been in her ear ".

"Did it look like this " as I drop it on his lap, he picks it up and notices all the slimy come from both of us on it , as I walk away and say "see ya in the morning........

Now I apologize for the length of this post but you cant edit the truth and way things happen , and hope that , if you havnt had a wank yet that you have one now (that includes you girls reading this as well).

Have a merry Christmas , and remember to have a bit of naughty fun and cop a feel of somebody you dream of ,then blame it on Christmas cheer, HO!HO!HO!

All the best from Hubby .