Written by hungmilfhunter

13 Jul 2013

About three weeks ago I met with a friend that ive made in the past 12 months, Mary. She is an old school friends mum and well I'm not friends with him anymore but I now have a discreet friendship with his parents. When I last saw Mary and we played she had told me that we would meet up again soon with Greg this time and that she would have a surprise for me. Now the last three weeks I've been contemplating what the surprise would be but I decided to just rock up at their house on the day and find out. So the day came, I drove to their house which their son has moved out of now which means I don't need to be so discreet anymore. I walk up to the front door, it's quite hot, I really hope at this point that we wont be outside. I ring the bell, wait a few minutes before Mary comes to the door. She is in bra and panties. A lacy, black number. Her tits pop out the top and her legs look amazing with her black stiletto heels on. As usual I get a kiss at the door, "come on in" she says.She doesnt exchange a lot of chit chat during these meets, but well we dont really need to. I walk through following her through to the bedroom. I turn the corner into the room and there is another woman with Greg. They havent started much play but he is fondling with her breasts. She is around Mary's age 43, maybe 2 or 3 years younger, she like Mary has large breasts but hers appear to be fake, Her body is slim, she is in very good shape. She has a few signs of aging but all in all her skin is smooth and tanned. Mary informs me that this is her friend Susan and she is my surprise today. What a surprise to get, a beautiful woman that I can share with Mary and Greg. I say hi to Susan and sit beside her, joining Greg and start to feel my way around her body. She is seeming slightly shy but loosens up when Mary goes down between Susans knees, placing Susans legs over mine and Greg's. Mary pulls Susan's panties aside and begins to eat her pussy. Susan moans to orgasm as Mary devours her pussy, sucking and licking Susan's juices. My cock by now is getting hard in my pants, Susan is getting into the swing of things and is now rubbing mine and Greg's cock through our pants.

Susan gasps a little when she feels our cocks, She says that they are the biggest cocks she has felt. Mine is not even fully erect yet. Mary removes herself from Susan's crotch and moves between my legs, immediately unzipping my jeans and sliding them off leaving my underwear on. My cock lays on its side with my underwear leaving a fair impression of it. Susan is watching when my pants are removed and gasps slightly when seeing my cock. Mary removes my underwear, releasing my rod and she begins to suck it. She takes no time to warm up and is straight down sucking furiously, putting on a show for Susan who is still rubbing on Greg's dick. Susan doesnt take her eyes off the action as Mary deepthroats my cock further than she has done before, choking as she does so. Greg has now taken his thick cock out and Susan has began to suck it. Im now ready to fuck Mary, I help her up and tell her to get on all fours, up on the bed with her pussy above Greg's face. I follow her onto the bed and position my self behind her, my balls are dangling above Greg's forehead and Mary is sharing his cock with Susan. I push the head of my cock against her wet pussy. Her pussy is so wet today that I slide in with minimal effort, deep in her pussy after one push. I slide all the way back out and thrust in hard again, continuing in this way for a minute or so then fucking Mary's wet, little pussy hard and fast. I feel a tongue against my cock as I thrust in and out of Mary, Greg has his tongue out letting it rub against my shaft. Susan looks at me wit ha little smirk and I motion her to come to me. I pull out of Mary and lay back on the bed motioning Susan to get on top of me. She does this and I slowly guide my cock into her pussy. Gently I push into her pussy, it is tighter then Mary's and Susan is much less used to my cock then Mary. I pull her closer to me, kissing her soft lips and slowly thrusting my cock into her pussy. She takes more of the length each thrust and I'm getting a little more then half of my cock in now. I put my hands on her ass as she gets into motion, she starts to bounce on my cock with a bit of vigour and I can she is getting more comfortable

Susan rides my cock as she is removing her bra and reveals to me her glorious tits. Big, round fake tits. D cups, she leans forward so I can suck on her nipples and she squeezes them in my face. I look to Greg and Mary, Greg has her bent over, standing up beside the bed. As he fucks her he keeps looking over at us to watch, I do the same with them. I notice that he has a finger in Mary's ass hole and I begin to consider the possibility of DP again with Mary. I sit and lift Susan flipping her over onto her back. I thrust into her pussy harder this time, fucking her fast. I feel my cock fatten in her pussy as she starts to squirm in orgasm, I push in deep and hold my cock in there and explode inside her pussy. My shaft throbs and aches as the gushes of sperm race out of my cock. I collapse on top of Susan, kissing her.

I lift myself off of Susan and move to Mary sitting in front of her, she begins stroking my cock. She wants it hard again quick. Susan sits beside to watch Mary and Greg fuck while playing with herself. I can see in greg's face that he is going to cum, he thrusts hard into Mary as he groans, exploding into her pussy. Filling her cunt with his creamy, white spunk. My cock is now hard again, so I lay back and tell Mary to climb on top of me. She does so and i slip my dick into her cum filled pussy, hearing a squelch my cock pushes through Greg's cum. I begin fucking her fast, her movements meeting my thrust and the sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room. Greg is eating Susan's pussy and stroking his cock while Susan watches me and Mary fuck. I lick my finger a bit and move my hand to Mary's ass, sliding the finger into her tight bum hole. I continue fucking Mary's pussy and keeping my finger in her bum. Then I tell Greg to move into Mary's ass and he stands, moving himself behind Mary's bum. He gets his fat cock in hand, pushing it against Mary's hole. Greg pushes his cock into her ass hole, pushing in hard, passing her sphincter and all the way in. I feel his thick piece of man meat slide deep into her ass hole, feeling it rub my shaft. Mary moans in pleasure as our two big dicks plug her holes.

Mary points out the toys in her top drawer to Susan. She leans over to the drawer and pulls out a small array of toys. 4-5 dildos, a vibrator and some anal beads. She puts them all on the bed and grabs an average size flesh dildo, about 6 inches and slides it in her pussy. I reach a hand over and grab one of the larger dildos at around 9 inches and black. I rub it in and around Susans bum hole while she penetrates herself with the other dildo. Im really trying to be subtle and hint that I want to fuck her ass. I ask her if she wants to try and whether shes done anal. She tells me she has done it with a small dildo and that she would try DP but for us to be gentle. Greg doesnt take much talking into it, he pulls out of mary and lays down for Susan to climb on top. He pushes his dick into her pussy and starts fucking her slowly. Mary jumps off me, quickly grabbing a big dildo and fucking herself. She obviously wants to see this DP, I move behind Susan and slide a finger into her ass hole. Once i've done some prep work on her hole I push the head of my dick against her ass hole. I slowly jam my cock into her tight ass, pushing my way in slowly. I ease half of my cock into her bum and slowly slide in and out, again feeling Greg's thick shaft against mine. We both start fucking her and get into somewhat of a rhythm, Susan moans and shutters slightly while orgasming multiple times during DP.

I pull out of Susan's ass and pull her off Greg, I lay her on her back and climb on top of her. I kneel over her stomach and place my hard cock between her tits, getting her to push them together for me to fuck them. I wasnt passing up the opportunity to fuck these tits. Her tits are firm with a softness that just feels great on your dick. I fuck her tits for a good 5-10 minutes, savoring every minute, slipping out a few time because of how wet my dick is. Greg has been fucking Mary for 10 or so minutes missionary and Mary is begging for him to cum on her face. I can now tell when she is really horny, by her desperation and expressing her needs.

I fuck Susan's tits until I'm ready to cum, I grab my dick, grasping it tightly and shooting streams of cum onto Susan's tits and face. I rub her tits with my cum massaging them, her big tits now gleaming in the light. I watch Greg pull out, move over to her face and put a load of cum on her face. The girls lick each other a little and clean up. We exchange some chit chat and we say our goodbyes. Safe to say we turned Susan into our little slut.

Short addition, two days after Mary payed me a visit by herself. Long story short I put 4 loads in her and on her, in a 2 and a half hour fucking sessions. The little nymph drained me.