Written by Cucked

11 Oct 2015

I am an older guy in my 60's, Was married to an Aussie lady for 30 years until she passed away. I desired company and visited Thailand a few years after my wife died and had some wonderful sex with a number of bar girls. I really got to like Asian women and soon found an online friend from Hong Kong. After many hassles with immigration she got the required Visa's and joined me here in Australia and we married soon after. She is Chinese/Malaysian, 23 years old with long black hair. Her eyes are jet black and at just 150cm has those great legs and bum that some Asian girls do. She is not skinny but 50kg is not huge.

After a while here she decided to work and as she was a trained massage therapist she decided on a home studio. Business was very slow and she was despondent. Two months in and her business picked up, from 2 clients a week she now was getting 5 or 6 a day. I asked what had happened and she told me she changed where she advertised. I was suspicious that my young bride was giving happy endings but how can you ask without breaking the trust thing.Anyhow after a few more weeks the work still was coming in and the extra money was fantastic. I work in a good but not high paid position and we now could afford some of the good things in life.

I could not let it go however so I decided to find out why her business was now booming. First i found all her adverts online and in local press and they offered nothing advertising similar to many others in the same media. So i went to Jaycar and found a very small camera that had a motion sensor and sd card and early the next morning i managed to put it in a hidden place in the massage room that would provide a good view of the table. The lens was fairly wide so i could see almost all the room.

A day at work and home for dinner, some television and a couple of drinks and around 10pm she went to bed. I would normally have gone to bed as well but i wanted to see what recordings. Half hour later a retrieved the Sd and put it into the laptop to check the video.

First customer. A guy about 30 is ushered into the room, there is no sound on the camera so i can see them talking but cant hear them. She is wearing normal clothes a shortish skirt and a button up shirt but the strange thing is her choice of shoes. She has on some nice heels that show off her fantastic legs. I would have expected her to look less sexual i guess. Anyhow she leaves the room and he undresses, takes it all off and climbs on the table face down. He was fit a muscled a couple of tats etc. He doesn't have a towel over him and she soon enters the room and doesn't seem to worried. the massage begins with his back and i fast forward and she is now working some very nice moves up his legs and over his bum. Its still all above board and i thought about going to bed when she rubs up the inside of his thighs. Very high i thought. Down to the feet and slowly up the leg again but this time her hands come up the crack of his arse meaning she has definitely given his cock and balls a feel on the way through. I thought oh well my wife is going to give this guy a handjob ending.

The leg strokes continue with more time between his upper thighs. The guy was rising his arse up as she obviously was stroking more than his legs. Soon she stepped back and he rolled over sporting a very erect manhood. Would she cover him i hoped so but alas it was not to be. She massaged his chest and stomach her hands and arms constantly touching him as she did. On to his legs with long strokes up each side of his dick and then rubbing over his balls and cock.

Words are exchanged and she nods her head and then to my horror takes off her shirt and skirt. She had no bra on and now resumes the massage in a small g string and heels. She takes his cock in her hand and starts tugging him while he rubs her boobs and arse. His hand moves further between her legs and he is now fingering her as she rubs his oiled dick. She then lowers her head and takes his dick in her mouth and begins a blowjob. She stops and removes her panties and the climbs on the table between his legs and starts to suck him again. He reaches for her tits and then pulls her off his dick and up his body. her body sliding over his big stiff cock till she is far enough up for him to enter her. He fucks her hard in a number of positions for around 15 mins and then she stops him and slides down and takes him in her mouth again sucking him till he stiffens and cums in her mouth, she swallows the lot.

I am dumfounded but sporting a hard on of my own. I accept that she desires some sex with a younger guy and try to convince myself she doesnt offer this service to all.

The next customer is a guy my age but while i am reasonably fit this guy is overweight and very hairy. Massage goes the same including her outfit and the tackle tickle at the end of the back massage. On the roll over he too has a hard dick only he was small around 4" and thin. She doesnt strip this time but rubs and teases him until finally she begins to give him a hand job. Then to my surprise after an exchange of words she takes off her gear and this time she has no undies on. The guy sits up and paws her all over. She then proceeds to give him a blow job but he doesnt last long and blows a load in her mouth again she swallows the lot.

Five more guys that day all have a blowjob or fuck her. How do i feel about it. Well the truth is it makes me horny. Will i do something about it, probably not.