Written by pjb

11 May 2011

Cindie is her name . Tiny Asian with a great body. Super light frame. She is my sex student. Working as an office girl for the company I work for , slowly she has been coming out of her shell! We often had lessons in the the coed toilet, blow jobs have been one of her favorites ! Cindie has nearly perfected a great deep throat but our lessons have ventured further than just the work place.

I took her to a beach near work one Monday morning . She was open to suggestion & had no problem with me getting her naked on the deserted beach. Fucking in the the open with the waves rolling in had her hot to trot! A guy came running up the beach but with a little persuasion she kept going. This was the start of her getting the confidence she needed to do just about anything that was put to her.

Not long after I was working a weekend shift. I had organised with Cindie to sneak her back in the highly secure site. I picked her up in on of my work vehicles from a near by car park & made her sit on the front floor as we drove past the check point! Wearing my favorite dress the Zipper! It has a zipper from neck to just below the pussy & now under wear. I get to my work area & once again sneak her past the small crew of guys I had working for me that day. We go up to the workers amenity block which has a row of 4 showers. I take Cindie into the end shower, unzip her dress, her horny body is just waiting to be destroyed! Its so hot & steamy & as I get undressed by her we are both already starting to sweat! We start with a suck , as she is so good at. I get restless & spin her round & start pounding her from behind. We change positions several times over a good 40minute session. I had her back against the wall, her tiny body pined as I pound from the front. My legs so sore from bending down & fucking, the sweat just poring of us both like it was raining. Her ting body like a rage doll at my disposal. Cindie had already come several times so finally at the point of exhaustion I let my self go blowing a huge load of hot come deep, deep up her tiny tight pussy. Now we were both struggling to stand but we had to compose ourselves to make a quick getaway, as the cleaners wee due in any minute. Both looking like we has just been in a sauna managed to get dressed & sneak her back out to the car park under the noise of my workers, nobody the wiser of what had just happened. Cindie with a smile from ear to ear & left with an experience she & I will remember for ever!

Cindie is still her Masters student & hasn't yet left my keeping. Sorry guys & girls she as she is not ready to graduate. She still has lots to lean & has just recently been tied up Japanese rope bondage style & loved it.