Written by nOrtyboy

17 Mar 2014

The wife and I have been married about 15 years now and in that time our sex life has fluctuated greatly. Recently though it has picked up and it's all thanks to my mate.

To put this in context he has know her since we first met and has always flirted with her. Normally when we see him when he greats her he makes sure he gets a good feel of her sexy arse or her amazing breasts (DD cup). One time when he dropped in she had just got out of the shower and had her robe on so he opened it up and had a good look at her breasts before bending down and kissing one of her nipples before she closed the robe. This was as far as it ever went though she always knew that he would love to fuck her brains out.

Anyway it all changed about 3 weeks ago. I had got him to get something for us on a recent overseas trip and was expecting him to drop it off one night while she was working. However as he was working around the corner he had dropped in with the idea of just leaving it on the porch for us. However, he saw that Mrs N was home so opt to knock and drop it off.

It's important to note that from here the story is a combination of what she told me and what he has told me.

It was mid morning and Mrs N had just got out of the shower when my mate, let's call him J, knocked. She opened the door and invited him in. Once inside he greeted her with his usual hug and squeezed her bum as he kissed her on the cheeky. She broke the hug and asked if he wanted a coffee. He said yes and she went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. He followed h and as she stood at the bench he moved up behind her and commented on how sexy she was as he reached around and slid a hand inside her robe and felt her breast. She didn't flinch so he leaned in and kissed her neck as he fondled her breast. Still she didn't flinch and kept getting the coffee stuff organised. J took the opportunity to slide his other hand under her robe and slide it up her leg. Still she didn't stop him. He slid it up until he reached her soft mound and started tog entry massage her pussy and breast whilst kissing her neck. She lent back into him and moaned letting him know this was good. He was gently teasing her pussy and slowly sorted to tease her clit when she told him to stop and pushed him away. She excused herself saying she needed to get dressed. J reluctantly let her go to our room to get dressed.

As he did he stood there sporting a hard on which he couldn't help but rub a few times while he watched her walk off. He noticed that she didn't fully shut the bedroom door and wondered if this was an invite or accidental. He decided that he had come this far and fuck it he might as well push it and see where it went. So he removed his shoes and pants and went to the bedroom. He paused at the door in just his shirt and jocks looking for her through the gap but couldn't see her.

Hope that your enjoying this so far. If you are let me know and I'll post the rest of the story.