Written by nOrtyboy

18 Mar 2014

Glad you all liked the first part. Here is the rest. Sorry if it's a bit dodgy, typing it out on an iPhone is hard.

I opens the door slowly to see her sitting on the bed naked. She looks at him and smiles as he enters the room. He bends down and for the first time passionately kisses her. As he does he caresses her breasts and she reaches out and starts to rub his bulge. When they finally break their kiss J stands up and gently pushes her back onto the bed and dives straight into her pussy. He was pleased to taste just how wet she already was. Her licked and sucked her pussy teasing her clit and using his fingers to explore her. With his other hand he was undoing his shirt and taking it off. He could hear her start to moan and he pulled her legs up and open further so that he could explore her more. Her moans grew and he could tell that she was getting close to her first organs of the session. He continued to work at her and fucking her with his fingers until he heard the cries and felt the shudder of her orgasm. She held his head to her wet pussy as she shook.

Once she had finished J stood up and pulled her up into a sitting position I the edge of the bed. He pulled down his jocks revealing his hard cock and garbed the mrs head and shoved his cock in her mouth. She immediately obeyed what he wanted and went to task working his cock with her mouth and tongue. He clasped her head so that she has no choice and made her suck him for all she was worth. She didn't flinch working him even harder and playing with his balls. I was telling mrs what he wanted and how to do it and she obliged. At one point her told her to use her spare hard to grab and squeeze his arse at the same time. Mrs knows that J is a dirty bugger and took this as a invite to start teasing his arse with her fingers as she did he grabbed her head tighter and started to fuck her mouth. She knew he was close to cumming so she slid the tip of a finger into his arse. That was all he needed and with out warning he held her head on his cock as he shot his load down her throat. He held her there until he finished unloading and then collapsed I he bed.

Mrs asked J if that was all that was going to happen as after all these years she was hoping for more. He told her to play with her pussy while he recovered. She again obliged and started teasing her pussy with one hand while with the other squeezing and tweaking her nipples. J moved on the bed to where he could get a better view of her playing and enjoyed watching her sliding her fingers in and out if her wetness. He then told her to get out a toy and fuck herself with it. She leant over and opened her bedsit draw to retrieve her favourite toy. She took it out and gave it a few sucks before moving it down and sliding it up her pussy. J loved watching this and told her to make herself cum. She started to fuck herself really deeply and hard and he could see she was on e again building to another orgasm. J sat rubbing his cock as he watched her cum again while fucking herself with her vibe.

Once she had recovered from cumming again (which never takes long for her) she slowly started to fuck herself again with the vibe. I again told her what he wanted. He told her to roll over info doggy position and keep fucking herself right intront of his face. Again she did as she was told giving him a great view of her toy sliding in and out of her wetness. He watched for awhile until he told her to use it to tease her clit. Mrs slid it out, turned it onto a higher speed and put it on her clit. J lent forward and started to lick her pussy again, sliding his tongue as deep as he could get it into her. After awhile J started to slide his tongue up and down between her wetness and her arse the first time he did this she flinched so he grabbed her tightly and her her so she couldn't move. The next time he reached there he lingered for a bit before returning to her pussy.

By this time J was rock hard again and it was time to do something about it so he stopped licking her got up behind her and finally slide his cock inside her sweetness. She was so wet and so eager for his cock. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her, slowly at first but thrusting as deep as he could. As he built the momentum he reached up and grabbed mrs hair and pulled her head back. At this point he started fucking her harder and faster with his other hand he started squeezing her bum and moving his thumb towards her arse. So he had his thumb on her arse and was pressing it against her as he fucked her. Mrs asked him not to but J ignored her and slid his thumb up her arse and fucked her with it in rhythm with his cock in her pussy. This was too much and they both came at the same time. J unloaded into her as she shuddered with her own orgasm. Once J finished he collapsed on the bed next to the mrs who had also collapsed. While they lay there recovering mrs thanked J for a great fuck and told him that when she went to our room she had decided to give him 2 minutes and if he came in she would fuck him and if he hadn't she would have got dressed and after coffee she would have made him leave. Instead he took about 40 seconds and it was even better than she expected. Shortly after this J got dressed and left as he had to get back to work but hoped it would happen again.

That night when I got home mrs showed me what J had dropped in but didn't mention anything else. However, when it came time to go to bed mrs came to bed and went straight down under the covers and started sucking my cock. I didn't mind at all as it had been a long time since she had done this. She worked wonders on my cock and I was soon going to cum. I warned the mrs but she didn't care and took my load greedily. As we lay in bed I told mrs how good it was to have her mouth around my cock again. It was then she told me that it was only fair considering she had sucked J's cock earlier in the day. I asked her more and she told me the whole story after which we fucked better than we had in a very very long time.

Hope that you enjoy the rest of the story. Please let us know what you think as mrs is also reading your responses. Cheers nOrtyboy :)