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8 May 2017

It all started with a few text between myself and my workmates wife, as I was staying there a few nights I thought I'd help out with cooking and some shopping. Each text she sent got more and more flirty. Started with I wish my husband looked as hot as u do, then onto, can I help cook and that way I get to bump into u with my big tits. And u know me I was sending some really flirty text back like can't wait to c u in your nighty and your big soft tits. Let me tell u a little about her THO. She is 20 and a little on the bigger side but huge tits and a awesome flirt.

The night before I got there the text got a little more fun with pics and text about how is is going to give me a hand job at the table. And a sly headjob while her hubby was in the shower. Little sluty skank.. But that's how I

like them.

Her boobs looked so hot, and I couldn't wait to tity fuck them.

Then onto about how I wanted to taste her pussy and have her cum all over my face. Only for her to tell me she has never had a bloke make her orgasm. But she didn't like cum in her mouth or on her. and no way she would eva swallow.

So I made sure the afternoon I got there I got there before her husband got home. Had a shower then walked out only in my towel. She was waiting in the kitchen, she watched me walk over to her. She had a cheeky look on her face and my cock was already starting to stir. Wen I got to her I turned her around and cupping both her tits with my hands as I kissed her neck and ear lobe. Giving them a good feel as I've never had tits like this before. She was pushing her big ass into my semi hard cock, I was in a playful mood and started to whisper in her ear that I'm going to eat her wet smooth cunt till she orgasms on my lips. Pushing her on her back onto the table. With her head draped over the edge. All I wanted was to eat her pussy so bad. But also wanted to feel how nice her hot lips wraped around my cock. But only having 1/2 hr or so, I decided to tease her and not let her cum. Teasing her pussy as I licked her sweet cunt. Fuck she tasted so good. Her moans were to die for. Teasing her with my fingers as her juices flowed her moans got louder and louder till I thought the nabour would hear, she pushed my head down into her and her body started to tense up as her moan turned into a soft squeal, it was too late to stop her from cuming, so moaning for her to cum on my face, as she ground her pussy all over me as she squealed I'm cuming I'm cuming. Oooooh fuck fuck. That's so good don't stop as her pussy tightened around my fingers and her sweet pussy juices flooded my mouth. her big nipples were hard as rock so I gave them a quick pinch . My cock was so hard now. Moving around so I could feel her lips on my cock. I started to feel her big tits and hard nipples. She grabbed my cock with both her hands and fed my cock into her tight lips. Slowly teasing me with her tongue as she stroked and moaned onto my cock. Bye far the best head I've had. Just the right amount of pressure stroking and moaning. Having her big tits wobble around and still playing with her pussy.

It was hot but only wanting to tease her I pulled my cock from her. I told her she better get dressed before her man gets home.

I told her she gave the best head and that I was going to cum in her mouth in the morning as I knew he had to go to work and I didn't. She said no way. I don't swallow. Teasing I said we will c.

Thru out the afternoon and evening she would let me feel her wet pussy and tits wen her hubby was busy. So, wen the time come for him too shower it was on again. She didn't waste any time. Got on her knees while I was sitting on the couch and fed my cock back into her hot mouth. Fuck it felt so good to have this skanky young bbw sucking my cock. She was so good. Licking my balls as she stroked my cock. Deep thoating me as she moaned. She had me ready to cum in about two min flat. Grabbing her by her hair I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth she looked so nice and innocent looking up at me as my cock throbed. She said no way. So I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and told her she didn't deserve it and put my cock away. Before he got out of the shower I felt her pussy. She was so wet and tasted even better.

I said if u want to b fucked u have to come into my room in the morning and let me cum in your mouth. Then I'll lick your pussy again till u cum. And fuck your tight pussy.

She just looked at me with a sly grin.

While watching tv we would send dirty text to each other. Just her been so skanky was so hot. Didn't matter that she was a little bigger.

That morning I woke to her sneaking under my sheets. Dressed in a lose nighty and her tits pushed into my chest as she kissed me for the first time. My cock got hard so fast and was rubbing against get smooth pussy

She was wet and warm as she ground onto my cock she kissed me and said she wanted to feel my cum on her tits. At that point my cock wanted to slip inside her she was so smooth and wet. It was so close to fucking her right then, my head of cock was using at her entrance as she ground onto me. Kissing her way down my chest she took my cock into her hot mouth again. Fuck she was good. Lifting the sheets off her. So I could c her sucking my cock. Just watching that skanky young slut on my cock had me ready to cum so fast. I lifted her nighty over her head so her tits were free so I could feel them up. She moaned loudly on my cock wen I pinched her nipple, I told her she had to swallow all my cum before Id fuck her. Looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. She squeezed my balls softly and moaned and that was anoth to set me off. Looking up at me and stroking my cock into her mouth as I filled her hot mouth with cum. Pulling her up and rolling her onto her back. I sucked in her big tits as I played with her wet pussy and clit. Fuck she was wet. And all I wanted was to taste her. Kissing my way down over her flabby belly and inside her thighs. She told me to stop teasing her and eat her like yesterday. So I fucked her pussy with my face. Fingered her and played with her big tits. She was moaning so loud but I didn't care. Cing this little young skank like that was hot. She was humping my face as she pushed my tongue deeper and harder into her pussy. She started to say Shane im going to cum again. Please let me cum. So I stopped. Lol.

Moving back up and sucking on her big tits my cock was rubbing onto her wet pussy. She moved her hips telling me to put a condom on, but wen I pushed my nakid cock into her she moaned, I whispered no way. I'm going to fuck u and cum all over u. Knowing full well she hated cum on her.

She didn't say a word just wraped her legs around me and pulled me in deeper. As I fucked her slowly and deeply. As I fucked her I could c her tits and belly wobbling around. Playing with her clit as I fucked her her moans turned into light screams. Loud anoth for the town to hear. Her cunt tightened around my cock. As she pulled me to her and kissed me she said she was going to cum on my cock. Fuck your cock is the best as she wraped her legs around me again pulling me deeper and deeper as she cum.

That was so fucking hot she said. I sat back up and rubbed my cock over her sensitive clit. Then pushed it back into her. She told me not to cum inside her as she wasn't on the pill. she knew I was ready but kept grinding her tight pussy onto my cock pulling me in deeper with her legs, she moaned fill me up cum, cum inside me. Fuck I want your hot cum inside me. She was so sluty and hot that she went pass the point of caring, trying to get me to cum in her as she held me tightly and beg for my cum inside her. It took all my will power to

Pull my cock from her tight pussy. All I wanted was to cum over her. So I did. I cum so hard that it covered her pussy and even some on her belly and tits.

She hated it but I thought it was hot. She was cranky but happy. Lol.