13 Nov 2019

I went to a local market on the weekend a few years ago and wandered around looking at the stalls. I came up to one stall and the stall owner was squatting down in front of their stall, patting their dog, and I could not believe my eyes as their very short shorts were pulled to one side of their groin and their clean pink freshly shaved pussy was on prominent display. I walked up and squatted on the opposite side of their dog and joined them in giving their dog a pat. It was a very long enjoyable pat and I was in no hurry to leave. After a while I said to the woman that she had a very nice pussy, and she looked confused for a moment then realised what I was referring to and said ‘Oops, I forgot that I was going commando today!’ I asked her if she needed company after the market finished and she replied yes that she would be interested in me coming back to her place which was only a few blocks away from where the market was located. So after the market was finished I found my way back to her stall, helped her load her car, and followed her home. We dropped her dog off into her backyard, and went inside her back sunroom together which was very private and screened from all of her neighbours. We stripped immediately and kissed and caressed until we were both very aroused. She sat down on the edge of her sun lounge and I knelt down in front to eat her out. She was very freshly shaved and soft and pink, with not a pubic hair in sight. I sucked on her labia and clit and fingered her for a while. Then we swapped places and she gave me a magical blowjob. We then shifted to her bedroom so we could get totally comfortable, and we fucked each other senseless. It was a long warm afternoon and we made the most of it, our sweat sheened bodies cooled by the ceiling fan. After showering together we had a light evening meal and returned to bed for more sex. A very enjoyable experience and one I wont forget.