7 Dec 2018

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Here's part 2 of the story.... enjoy

So after we got done having some awesome sex, she got dressed and asked if I wanted to go over to a friends place. I agreed and I got dressed myself and we ended up getting a cab to this "friends" place. We arrived there 7 mins past 8 pm and knocked on the door. She was fixing herself up as her friend opened the door and answered. We greeted each other I got introduced to her friend and her friend's boyfriend and a few others that were lurking around the house. We ended up going out the back of the house and sat by the patio and popped some beers and listen to some music, she sat on me and wiggled her ass in my lap causing me to get a huge hard-on. Beck kept doing this and after a while, my hands wandered up her skirt past her panties and to her wet dripping clit that previously still had my cum inside. I played with her clit as she softly moaned, the friend and her boyfriend were eying us off and whispering to each other back and forwards. I paid no attention and kept playing and flicking her clit, running my fingers up and down her clit and sliding a finger in now and then.

Finally, the party was dying down, a few people left and it was just Beck, her friend and boyfriend and myself. They asked if we had a good time, we both laughed and agreed with them, her friend's boyfriend asked if we were a couple, I cold-hearted said "no" and smiled, Beck looked at me and smiled as she kissed me on the lips, rolling her tongue down m throat. I paused and glanced over to see her friend and her boyfriend making out as well, they felt each other up and she took off her panties in front of us and asked: "You guys wanna join us in this little love fest", I looked at Beck and waited for her to reply, she laughed and looked at me and replied "Yeah sure why not", I was shocked and never knew that she would be into having a 4some with her friend and boyfriend and myself.

She grabbed my hand and pushed me off my chair and guided me to the couple, by now the couple were already naked and making out. Beck took off her button up t-shirt and her panties and slid off her short black skirt and laid down on the picnic rug beside them. I stood there watching in excitement, watching her friend, boyfriend and beck go at it, fingering, licking and biting each other. I started to take off my shirt and pants and after that, I was standing there butt naked, the friend came over and started to suck my throbbing hard cock from what Beck did early by wiggling her ass on my lap, her tongue wiggling up and down my shaft, her mouth wet from my pre-cum, she begins to suck it and slide her mouth all the way to the very end of my cock and back up, this went on for a good 5 mins, Beck came up behind her as she was bent over and started to finger her pussy, nibbling her ass and running her nails down her back every so slightly.

I was standing there watching the boyfriend film us 3 having a good time, with a wicked smile on his face, I grunted hard and she slightly bites my balls as she let's out a little moan or two as Beck was fingering her and eating her pussy out. The friend's boyfriend stopped filming and walked over and bent over Beck and slapped her ass hard, Beck yelped "Ouch" as they all do... Then he slides his huge 8 and a half inch cock in her wet pussy and begins to pump her hard, grabbing her hair and pulling her deeper into his cock, The friend was on her knee's still sucking my cock as Beck was fingering her, the girls where in sync with each other an moaned almost at the same time.

I decided that enough was enough and it was time to fuck Beck's friend, so I told her to lean against the wall and spread her leg apart for me, she did just that and was standing there looking into my eyes and wiggling her finger to say "Come here and get it" so I walked over casually and walked up behind her and started nibbling on her earlobe, running my hands down her body, squeezing her tits as my shaft spreads her clit apart, teasing her and playing with her wet cunt. I whisper in her ear "who's the whore now", she moans softly and whispers "I am" as she said that I slide my cock in deep and push her against the wall, grabbing the back of her neck with one hand, and her ass with the other I begin to pump her slow and deep, pushing all the way in, her pussy tighten around my cock as I give a bit more speed, pushing her harder against the wall.

Beck meanwhile was laying on the picnic rug getting eaten out by the friend's boyfriend, she was moaning and messing up the rug, her legs were shaking as she let out loud moans. The guy ends up slapping her clit a couple times with his cock before he fucks her missionary style, pushing in deep, her eyes end up in the back of her head as he pushed every inch of his cock deep inside her wet dripping cunt. I was halfway through fucking the guy's girlfriend and she grabbed my head and focuses my eyes on her telling me "Fuck me as hard and deep as you can baby", I smiled evilly as I speed up, pushing my cock in deep, grabbing her legs hard and thrusting them towards my body, we kept going for a while she was wild, she asked me to slap her ass, so I did, and left a big hand mark against her white ass, through mid pump she yells "I'm going to cum, omg I think I'm going to squirt", I pump her even harder and I was grunting and moaning, pushing every last inch, my balls slapping her clit, she lets off a big moan, and collapse to the ground....I stood there and asked if she was ok, she smiled and replied "Yes that was great" as she examines my throbbing cock, and notices I haven't cummed yet.

She begins to suck my cock, sliding her tongue over my head and sucking my head hard, I grunt hard pushing her head deeper down her throat, she gags a little but keeps on sucking it hard, I moan a little louder and begin to shake a little, grabbing her head and pushing all the way down I blow my load down her throat, she swallows deep and slides my cock out of her mouth, she looks up and grins. I grin back and glace over to see that Beck and her friend's man are gone...

Part 3 Coming soon...

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