9 Dec 2018

Part 3.

So I look over after I was finished with Beck's friend and see that Beck and her friend's boyfriend are gone. I turned to Beck's friend and ask "Do you know where they went?", she looked puzzled at me, "No I don't" as she walking butt naked around the yard searching every nook and cranny of the yard. I started to walk inside yelling out her name and his name as loud as I can. Beck's friend walks inside soon after yelling out her boyfriend's name, we searched the house top to bottom and she noticed that his keys were missing and I also noticed that Beck's handbag was missing as well. I told Beck's friend that they must have left and didn't tell us. She got really pissed and threw his PlayStation outside and grabbed a shovel and started pounding on it hard, breaking it apart in pieces, I yelled at her "Hey why are you doing that?" she turned at me with an evil smile and replied "That bastard left without saying anything to me, I have a right to smash his shit up!", I was shocked that she went from zero to one hundred in a manner of seconds. So we got dressed and sat on the lounge and thought about what we would do next. We thought for a little bit and she came up with calling his mobile phone, so she went through her contacts and tried to call him. It rung for a while and his message bank came through. I started talking "hey man, just wondering where you and Beck went to....? give us a call back asap please so we know your alright" and she added at the end "If you don't answer your phone right now, we are through and I'm changing the locks in the house and throwing all your prized possessions out the door whether you like it or not", I turned and said "Hey don't be too nasty maybe something happened to them and they went to the emergency room?" I explained. She turned to me and hung up the phone and replied: "Well why wouldn't they tell us about it then?" in a nasty tone of voice. I thought to myself well maybe they went somewhere, we should get in the car and head down the street to find his car.

We got in the car and headed down the street, I turned down the street towards the hospital and found a park, we both got out and went inside. We went up to the reception desk and asked told them a description of Beck and her friend's boyfriend. The nursed shook her head, "No sorry I haven't seen anyone come in with the description, maybe try the police station" she replied. We both looked at each other and shook our heads I say " Well maybe the police station might be a better idea, you never know what could of went down with those two" I calmly say to Beck's friend. She nodded and we walked out the hospital and got into the car and headed towards the police station.

We drove for 5 mins trying to get to the police station, talking about the possibilities of where they would go at this time of night. It was 10:48 pm at night, there's nothing really open put pubs and a few other things that really wouldn't spark their interest. So we got to the police station and parked near the entrance. We got out and started to walk towards the door when a gentlemen came past and spotted Becks friend, they talked for a bit and she asked her friend if she saw her boyfriend's car around anywhere tonight. He looked puzzled put realized something was up and put his chin up and calmly said he had to go, he walked off in a hurry and I was a little confused why he was acting weird. She explained that he was a work buddy of his and that her boyfriend and he go to bowling together every Saturday night and have a few drinks after. I nodded and we walked into the police station where we saw a constable sitting at the front desk. We greeted her and asked if she could help us find 2 missing people that suddenly up and left and didn't say a word to either of us. She glared at us and asked what we were doing tonight and how this came about, we both looked at each other and shied away from the answer, I spoke up and said that we had a little party and were sitting outside and suddenly we turned and noticed that Beck and her boyfriend went missing and his keys were gone and her purse was gone. The cop wrote it down on her pad and asked us our names, date of birth and addresses. We told her and she asked us to wait and take a seat. We walked over to the seats and sat down while she went to speak to her high ranking officer that was on duty at the time. It was ages until she came back and asked us if we knew anything else. I spoke up and said that Beck was having issues at home with her ex and that she was staying in a hotel room down the street. Beck's friend looked at me and asked if I knew the address was, I told her and the female cop asked if we could meet them there, but not to go inside until they got there.

So we walked to the car and got in, at the corner of my eye I saw Becks friend, her friend standing at the corner waiting to cross over, I told Beck's friend that her friend was standing there and waiting we should ask him again if he saw the car tonight around 10:30 pm. So I Beck's friend and I ran over to catch the dude standing at the lights. We caught him and yelled out, "We got a few more questions for you buddy..." I yelled, he caught us running to him and he bolted across the street without looking, I chased after him and tackled him to the ground, I picked him up by the scruff of the shirt and waiting for Beck's friend to cross over. He was snarling and swearing at me to let him go, he tried to take a swing but missed dreadfully. Becks friend crossed over and I asked him "I know you know something about this ladies boyfriend's car, spill the beans otherwise I'll punch your lights out" he squirmed a little but gave in, "yes I know where I saw the car, it was up near the hotel, parked near a room, but I swear I didn't see anything else" he replied, I let him go and told him to get lost, he ran and I turned to her "Hey we know where he is now....let's go we gotta meet the cops there", we crossed over and walked to the car and got in, I can't believe it she was at the hotel room were we fucked the first time, what would they be doing there" I thought to myself.

We drove to the hotel and seen the cops were already parked outside, we parked and got out and walked over to the cops, we walked to the managers office and asked if the saw Beck and a bloke walking to her hotel room, he replied "yes I saw them enter and they haven't come out since, but I've been getting noise complaints from her room all night" I looked at both the cops and her and nodded, one of the police officers replied "Well let's go then and see what they're up to". We walked over to Beck's room and herd faint screams and grunts from the room, I got so mad that I decided to take it upon myself to kick the door open, I kicked it with a mighty boot, the door swung open and I heard Beck scream at the top of her lung, we all entered the room and found that Beck tied up her friend's boyfriend to the bed and was on top of him riding him, all of a sudden I felt a gust of wind fly past and saw Beck's friend pick up a chair and swing it at Beck, hitting her in the face, she started swinging punches at her boyfriend, the cops wrestled both her and the boyfriend to the ground, I stood there in shock as I saw Beck on the ground bleeding from her lip, the chick wrestled to the ground by the female cop and a fat cop ontop of the naked boyfriend trying to control him, I thought to myself "Nice, a quick snap moment for my snapchat", I quickly whipped out my phone and took a photo.

Beck got taken to the hospital to get stitches in her lip, the boyfriend got charged for assaulting a police officer, and the girl got charged for assaulting an officer, spitting on an officer, and got charged for death threats to her boyfriend...

Moral of the story is folks, be careful who you choose to fuck cause it comes back to bite you on the arse!

The End...


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