7 Dec 2018

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So this story begins back when I just finished high school, I was 18 and she was 20...I was sitting at home and going through my Myspace account when she popped up as a friend request in my Myspace friends list. I added her and we bantered back and forward for a while, discussing the good old days of school life and the trouble we got into when we hung out.

One thing leads to another, we text back and forward, sent a few dirty nudes to each other. She suggested we meet up and catch up and have a coffee at a local coffee shop nearby. So I agreed and I got in my car and drove down. She was standing outside chuffing on a cigarette and talking on the phone to her friend. I walked up to her and waited till she got off the phone to her friend (which at the time her friend was my best friends gf). I text him a secret message saying that I'm here with Beck and that we are grabbing a coffee and having a catch up together.

We went inside and ordered a coffee, sat right at the back of the coffee shop in a booth and started casually chatting about the good old days and asked a few questions about what we were up to these days. We laughed for hours and kept ordering coffees at the shop. I asked her why she a suitcase on her, she replied: "I'm going to a hotel room for the night cause me and my boyfriend are having issues at home". I just shook my head and kept talking about things. I noticed that her foot was slightly rising up my leg back up and down, I giggled and asked her if she was "having fun", she smirked so hard as her foot went into my lap.

Beck's foot was now playing with my cock, she kept stroking it up and down with her foot, I was getting harder and harder. I tried to excuse myself to the bathroom but I didn't want to get up and show everyone in the shop I had a raging hard-on. I sat there a try to resist her, but I gave in and asked her if I could walk her to her hotel room down the street. She nodded and we finished our coffee's and headed out the door. I paid for the coffee's and we set off to her hotel room, not thinking my day might end the way it did.

So we chatted while we walked down the street, it wasn't too far to her hotel room. She checked in at the front desk and receptionist asked if I was staying overnight with her, She turned to me and asked if I could take her bag to her room and handed me the keys to the room and her bag. I walked out and walked to her front door, unlocked it and put her suitcase by the end of the bed. I walked around and checked out the room. It was a flash room, aircon, spa bath, large 2 person shower, a king size bed, HD TV with cable tv, A kitchenette and tables and chairs. I sat there for a little bit till I heard Beck come in and smile at me. I asked her: "what are you smiling about", she laughed and said: "Guess what you're staying overnight to keep me company...." I was in shock and told her that I had no clean clothes or phone charger to charge my phone.

So she shut the door and locked it, she said she was going to freshen up and take a shower and told me to get comfortable. She walked into the bathroom and shut the door, I kicked off my shoes and laid on the bed watching some t.v while I wait. I decided that I was going to play a trick and see if she was planning to fuck me, I took all her underwear out of the suitcase and planted them inside the cupboard draws where she couldn't see them, and see what she would do. Minutes went by and she came out in a towel and was rifling through her suitcase. She was confused cause she couldn't find any underwear. She grabbed her short skirt and a loose top and a bra and took her towel off right in front of me.

She was standing there butt naked in front of me smiling at me, she waved me over and asked if I knew where her underwear went to. I just shrugged and told her she might have forgotten to pack any. She laughed and kisses me on the lips, and guided my hands down her body to her pussy, I started rubbing her clit and sliding my 2 digit fingers inside, wiggling them around in circles, she moaned as she was nibbling on my neck, I gasped as I grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed them very tight. She let off a squeal and bend down on her knee's and was unzipping my trousers and slid them off me and before long my underwear too. I threw her onto the bed and spread her legs, I took off my t-shirt and begin to nibble up her left inner thigh, working my way up I would lick a little then nibble a bit more till I got to her pussy.

By now her pussy was a little wet from me fingering it and rubbing it, so I rolled my tongue around the edge of her clit nibbling her pussy lips and biting them a little.... I spread open her clit and rubbed my throbbing head up and down her clit. She was moaning and telling her that she wants my cock inside her right now. I smirked and teased her more, slapping my fat cock on her clit and running my shaft up and down her wet pussy before I plunged my throbbing cock inside her wet tight cunt, she let out a big gasp and moaned loud, I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulders, grabbing her and getting her to the edge of the bed, I did a few hard deep thrusts, plunging my cock in deeper and faster until we got a rythem. She was letting out gasps, grabbing the bed sheets and messing up the bed as I kept fucking her deeper and deeper. I pulled out and slapped her inner thigh with my hand, she let out another gasp.

I asked her to turn around and bend over, I grabbed her hair and pushed her head down into the bed and pushed my cock in deep, she moaned loud, I slapped both her ass cheeks and pumped her hard and deep. I slid in a finger in her ass and fingered her ass a little while my cock was pumping her pussy, My cock was throbbing at this stage, I was that horny I forgot that we where even in a hotel room, I was grunting hard she was moaning loud, he wet juices where dripping down her legs as my balls slap her clit as I pumped her deeper and harder. She managed to get head out bed and told me to pull out when I'm about to cum. I kept pushing my limits, by pumping her harder and deeper, rocking my cock inside back and forwards and around in circles, I did one last pump and blew my load inside her pussy. She turned her head slightly and said: "Oh Josh, did you just cum in me?" I nodded and was a little worried she would be upset but that was the beginning of the night....there was still more to come..

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