13 Nov 2019

I was driving through town one day and noticed a slim young woman prancing down the footbath, obviously happy as anything for some reason. I did a u-turn and pulled up beside her and offered her a ride, which she gladly accepted and explained she only lived a couple of blocks away. We talked while driving and she explained she was very happy and had been out celebrating so was still tipsy from a long night on the drink. She said she was going to crash and sleep when she got home, but I should call back when I was in town as she liked me and would like to see me. I did not take any more convincing to do so, and a couple of days later I dropped into her home and caught her there. We talked for a while and she took my hand and placed it in her groin, encouraging me to feel her up. I removed her pants and went down on her, and was amazed to find the most beautiful huge butterfly labia, dark and wrinkled, and delicious to eat. She moaned and arched her back, obviously enjoying me eating her out. I dropped my pants and fucked her sitting on the edge of her couch, and removed her top so I could massage her breasts at the same time. She had a very slinky body, long and flexible and able to bend and fold into amazing positions. Afterwards I exclaimed how beautiful her pussy lips were and asked if she minded if I took some closeup video of her, so I could wank over the videos when ever I wanted. She agreed and the next week I dropped back and picked her up, taking her to a secluded reserve on the edge of town and got some lovely videos of her – you can enjoy them too – see my media and the video of Joanne.