13 Nov 2019

I met a lady on line a year or so ago, and we decided to meet for a picnic and walk at a local park. We had a nice walk and lovely picnic lunch and chatted for hours. She was severely disabled and walking was a problem for her, as were many other things she said. I learnt she was passionate about helping other disabled people, and doing this took her mind off her own problems, and helped her put her own situation in perspective as many others were worse off than she was. I admired her for this, and although was unsure I could see myself in a relationship with someone so disabled we agreed to meet again as we got along so well. The following week I got a text from her saying I should come over to her home for a meal, or a fuck – leaving the choice to me. I rushed there and led her immediately to her bedroom, making it clear that a fuck was a much higher priority than a meal. We spent hours getting to know each other physically, and she did have major mobility issues that meant we had to constantly move into new positions, and experiment with positions that were possible for her. She had a flawless skin and an amazing pussy after having 4 children. A deep crevice of a pussy with a well stretched vagina and the prettiest pale pink thin labia that she loved me to stretch and play with. I delighted in this and ate her out many times that night. She had a very sweet tasting pussy. I asked her what fantasies she had in regards to sex and she gave me a list of things that she wanted to do before she died, so we made an effort over the following months to explore these and have fun trying out different things. One was to have sex in a public park, so we went to a nearby park just after dusk and she sat on the edge of a picnic table and I stood in front of her and fucked her. We both came really quickly and she had to go home without panties due to them being so soaked with her own juices and my cum. We also had sex in a local cemetery which was also on her wish list. Have a look at video of her in my media – Sue. We remain fuck buddies and are continuing to have fun crossing things off her bucket list.