Written by Pateadie_2010

24 Aug 2010

I really enjoy shagging other mens wives whilst they watch and it is a fantasy I have been lucky enought to live out on several occasions during my travels. I am a reasonably fit 40s man good looking and with a sense of humour and I am ALWAYS on the look out for game couples - and it is surprising how many there are out there. Over the years I have slept with many married couples and it is my real kink to sleep with married women especially with the husband watching.

I recently have moved for work to melbourne for a short period. I was advised that PJs bar on the first floor of the Casino n was a good place and sure enough it is a great place for picking up older single women and married couples. It is a good restaurant but with a bar attached and is full of game people !

I got in the habit of popping in for a drink mid evening and checking out the people. Mid week can be quiet but Fridays and Saturdays are mad!

I soon noticed one of the regulars during the week was couple mid 40s with a good looking wife they always seemed to be there sat on the settees drinking wine. She was a very pretty blonde well dressed and always showing a pretty large amount of cleavage, whilst quite plump I really liked her good looks. Outwardly they just seemed a normal couple having a drink but I did wonder if there was any more to them.

This night they seemed quite drunk but having a laugh with themselves - I was sure they were on the look out for someone and I kept watching them. After a while I gently moved my hand over my crotch and gave a gentlle rub he watched and sure enough after a couple of moments he rubbed his crotch back - in my experience this is a sure sign. I just moved over and started a conversation and they both seemed happy for me too join them.

A few more drinks and the talk was getting spicy and deciding now was the time I suggested we went back to my flat for a drink as I had a bottle of wine still unopened. They agreed to come for a drink but I knew the husband and I knew what that meant by the exchange of glances.

When we got to my flat I opened the wine and put on the TV - I suggested I had some good porn and they were both keen to watch it -so sitting on the couch with her in the middle I put on a good orgy DVD I had and we sat drinking the wine.

They were touching and very close and I noticed he had a bulge in his trousers - I said thats unfair I am on my own and he just looked at his wife and laughed. She got up and disappeared the toilet and he just opened his flies and pulled out an impressive hard on - saying that feels better why not join me before she gets back ? So there we were both with hard ons poking out of our trousers when his wife walked back in - she just looked at us both smiled and sat between us.

She put one hand in each of our laps and said that feels good. Without stopping she slipped off the couch and kneeling in front of me started to suck hard on my cock. I leant forward and putting my hand down her blouse freed her tits and enjoyed her blowing me. Her husband was leaning backsmiling and enjoying the view whilst wanking slowly.

I moved her from her knees and putting her on the couch I got between her legs lifting her skirt to reveal stockings and no pants her cunt was totally exposed -she had really large puffy cunt lips just ripe for fucking and I could not wait and just pushed straight into her with real force - This is what really gets me going, screwing a wife whilst the husbands just watches, I built up ahead of steam and pulled her tits totally out of her top - she did look good with her tits out and legs spread. Her husband leant forward to watch my cock pounding into her cunt and she came very quickly ( and noisily), I folllowed pumping loads of cum into her cunt and fell backwards in time to see him pop his load shooting high into the air and over his stomach at the sight.

They dressed quickly and left soon after but I am hopefull I will see them again. I could tell they had done this before and both enjoyed the thrill and I know I will bump into them again.