Written by Mick_L

16 Dec 2011

It all started out on business trip to Melbourne, stayed in an apartment I like to cook. First stop super market. To pick up s few supplies, standing in line and next to me was this 5ft 5’’ tall slim woman around 23. Shortist shirt and white top – looked good. Hi said hi and asked her if there was some were to by some wine close as I did not know the area I was from Brisbane. We started to talk while waiting.

Got around to what I was cooking, she said sounds nice – well the response to that come straight out of my mouth why don’t you join me. Me the older guy 56.

To my total surprise she said OK. My first thought that come to me was – I don’t have a big dick – just average –strange thing to think off - right at that moment.

Well got the wine headed back to my apartment two bed rooms , kitchen ,lounge and dinning - sat her at the kitchen bench – Her name is Julie. 23 year old student studying business at uni.

Started to cook –chatting away letting her taste as I cooked – a few wines and Julie says I am getting a bit warm in her – me thinking I will open the window – she says No its sexy when a man cooks for a woman makes her warm in side and tingly if you know what I mean. Time for some music I let her pick – to my surprise soft and slow.

We eat at the counter – drink some more and just talk 23 year old are very open and talk about lots of things.

Well Julie needs to freshen up - bath room is up stairs between the two bedrooms. I show her the way letting her go up the stairs first following behind – she has nice legs and the skirt is shorter than I remember. She moves ahead of me slowly. My cock is responding mind of its own semi hard watching those legs ascend the stairs I feel Julie is putting on a small show for me – she has white cotton nickers on that appear to be a bit damp.

She stops at the top of the stairs I am close and reach for the light switch my mouth is close to her neck I say do you mind is I kiss your neck – she moans – her body shudders at my touch her legs wobble I hold her moving my mouth along her neck to her ear. She is moaning quite load now. I slowly put my hand on her hips to guide her though the door. I am behind her I move toward the bed –there is no resistance at all. I lower her onto to the bed face down still kissing her neck and ears. I slip my hand to her leg and slowly move towards the price.

She opens her legs for me ,my hand is on those white panties slowly putting pressure on her other lips the moans are coming faster now and the words flow from her mouth do it – I slide my thumb into her wet tight pussy. Her responds straight away moving her hips back to meet my thumb. She moans I am cumming ( I think I should cook more)

Not to miss my chance I pull her nickers off and by now somehow my pants are off she still face down . Moaning doit, doit put your cock in me now . So I place my cock between her lips removing my thumb she says no leave it in .put your cock in me. I slide in pass my thumb feels good Julie likes it pushing back harder than before here I am fucking at 23 year old I meet 3hrs ago with my cock and thumb in her pussy and she’s moaning and cumming all over my dick. I drive in harder she likes I empty my load in her I new I should off had a condom but to late my seed was gone . I pull out and lick my way to her pussy stopping between her ass cheeks on the way to rim that other hole that I desirer. She likes the moans are loud. To be continued.