12 Nov 2019

When I was about 20 and going to University in Melbourne, I lived in the outer suburbs so had long train trips into town each day. One showery grey day I caught a train home and got onto the carriage to find it jam packed with people, and standing room only left. I stood at the end of a row of seats which meant that my groin was about face height next to two 20 year old nice looking girls. The once closest to me glanced at my groin and elbowed her friend, giggled and said ‘Is that a banana you have in your pocket or are you happy to see me?’ I thought wow she is impressed and I am not even engorged, so when we went through a tunnel and it was dark I slipped my hand into my pocket and released my cock fom my rocks so it had room to expand down the inside of my trouser leg. The girl noticed and was appreciative of the engorged member, elbowing her friend again and giggling. Because it was a grey showery day I was holding a raincoat, so rearranged how I was holding it to drape it over my arm and make a tent in front of my fly. The next dark train tunnel gave me an opportunity the unzip my fly and remove my cock from my pants into this tent. I then reached down and gently lifted up the girls arm and hand and slid it under the tent so she could find my cock there for her to play with, and play with it she did. In the middle of the packed train carriage in peak hour everyone else was focussed on reading newspapers or books, listening to ipods, whilst I was receiving a lovely hand job. At one stage the girls even swapped seats so the friend could also enjoy what I had on offer, after receiving instructions from her friend about what was going on under my tent. This went on for a few stops until we reached a major station, and I grabbed the girl (her friend followed) and we all left the carriage and went to a nearby disabled toilet where we spend about two hours enjoying ourselves. We stripped naked immediately and kissed and caressed and took it in turns having oral sex, before be used the hand basin as a platform to sit on so we could have sex. We had an amazing time, and exchanged phone numbers but never managed to catch up again.