Written by tuff1

8 Feb 2014

This will be chapter !. Where do i begin? For the purpose of privacy will just use initials for the principals involved. I am G my first wife is C.I was a virgin until I met C, I had just turned 20(I know late starter)C was very attractive, beautiful chestnut hair, large breasted, big brown nipples, chestnut bush, I am reasonably sized just 6 inch cut but thick! I remember it like yesterday, we were at her home,( her mother worked shift) we were stretched out on the lounge floor I was passionately kissing her, started to fondle her ample breasts , worked my hand up her skirt touching her mound thru her panties, remember distinctly sliding my hand over her waist band & moving my hand thru her bush to a very damp slit. I moved her hand down to my hard rigid cock which was throbbing inside my jeans, as she did not recoil I continued to finger her. I had made up my mind on 2 things as to when I lost my virginity (a) we were both going to be nude(b) I was not going to use a condom! I suggested to C that we would be more comfortable in her bed. She readily agreed, I quickly undressed exposing my cock which was slapping against my stomach. I watched as she undressed and I feasted my eyes on her cute body. I quickly moved to her & kissing her deeply lay her on her bed, i began by sucking on her nipples , I moved my lips down her body & gently ran my tongue up & down her slit. I thought if I dont get my cock into her soon I will spill my cum on the sheets!I whispered & asked was she a virgin, a gentle shake of the head was my answer, by this time her legs were parted and opened displaying her wet pink cunt. I positioned myself between her legs & asked her to guide me in, She reached down and gently positioned the tip of my cock to her opening, looking down I watched as my shaft slipped inch by inch into her cunt then out glistening with her juice. I remember it feeling like warm wet satin enveloping my member, I began to slowly thrust building up to a frenzied pounding with my balls slapping against her. As i began to pump my sperm into her I just lay on her feeling my cock convulse as it emptied . It all seems like yesterday but it is in fact 52 years ago. Chapter 2 to follow