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Memories Chapt2, Chapter3 to follow

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Published 7 years ago
As previously mentioned I was always eager to cum without a condom, loved the sensation of my cock exploding into C hot cunt! We made love every where at every opportunity, I had to make up for lost time, we fucked in the back yard of her home in the dusk, pretty sure her mum saw us, she knew I was fucking her daughter. Even fingered C while i was driving interstate with her mum in back seat. Both of us were turned on fucking out doors During the trip interstate we turned off the main highway down a shady little road ,stopped for a picnic lunch After a few wines her mum dozed off stretched out on the rug. C & I also laid down on the grass a few metres away .C was spooned into me facing her mum. C was gently pushing her arse into my crutch ,I slid her dress up from behind and pulled her panties down to her calves and started to finger her cunt which was really wet , I moved my finger to her little tight arse hole & gently inserted it to the first joint & began to finger both her arse & cunt at the same time, now I had never finger fucked her arse before & I figured with mum being so close she might not make too much fuss, by this time I had slid my shorts down & unleashed my cock , I initially slid straight into her with one quick thrust & then began to fuck her from behind with short thrusts so as not to be to obvious should her mum happen to wake & glance over. As i started to feel my cum building up I had a nice thought about another sweet little hole that I had not violated & pulled my throbbing cock from her cunt , as i pulled out it made a loud slurping sound so loud I thought her mum might wake! I repositioned myself & pushed the tip of my Knob to her arse hole (now my knob is shaped like an old fashioned firemans helmet with a thick rim and stands well out of my shaft so I knew if I could penetrate my knob into her arse that my shaft would slip in easy) As I started to push gently into an area where no man had been before C hand came round & redirected me to her cunt, no words were exchanged so took it her arse was out of bounds. I began fucking her again eventually unloading what felt like a gallon of hot cum into her. I lay for a few minutes feeling my hardness subside before sliding out I gently wiped her cunt with a tissue before pulling her panties up & her dress down, My own flacid But very satisfied cock was placed back into my jocks & my shorts. I lay there for a few moments before getting up & stretching as I did I glanced over to where her mum lay ,she had her eyes closed but a big smile on her face, I still wonder to this day whether she was really asleep? I should add C mum was divorced & had a boy friend who used to sleep over from time to time when she was off shift. Did the thought cross my mind about fucking the future mother in law,? of course it did, I had seen her part naked & saw where C got her tits from! but the opportunity never arose for me to fulfil my fantasy. These were a few highlights leading up to our getting married then the story really begins & let me assure you every thing I write is actual fact.

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