Written by tuff1

12 Feb 2014

Hope I am not boring the readers with the ongoing saga of C. As I stated I loved cumming into C with out a condom, eventually she fell pregnant and we were married, it was no hardship as I loved her deeply! With marriage & a kiddie I settled down to establishing a home for us, bit of a struggle but we managed. I was working long hours average 60 to 72 hours per week and consequently our sex & social life suffered. We had a second child after we settled into our new home and it was shortly after that we decided things needed to change. Both of us were keen nudists so we decided a club would give us a social life & provide our 2 girls with a healthy outlook etc. The club was great but what an eye opener for both of us! I remember C & I strolling around the grounds coming across one of the blokes under an outdoor shower, he was HUNG, his balls were not dissimilar to tennis balls in a sac, his cock was approx 9 inch on the slack . as thick as a babys arm!I whispered to C how would you like to try that?She did not answer but gave a smile. Over time we struck up friendships within the club ,one couple in particular, I remember the first time I saw them, J was fair & stocky L was a trim small brunette , her breasts firm & perky topped with rosebud pink nipples, with a black furry bush below . J & I had a bit in common he was a tradie as I had been before changing profession, we enjoyed a drink , smoke & similar sports, We had been members for some time when we were invited to a party at one of the members homes . It was a hot Saturday night, my young brother & his girl friend were baby sitting & staying over,Of course being a social gathering of nudists every one was nude, the wine was flowing & the host/hostess had organised a few party games, one that intrigued me was a group of males lined up against the wall and the women were blind folded and had to walk along the line fondle each individuals cock and then name the individual strictly by feeling his cock. What was really amazing was our hostess, she held each cock for a few moments and named each individual, From memory there were 10 of us inc yours truly. She got every one correct!!We then reversed the game with the girls lined up, technically you were supposed to fondle breasts only. More to come in next chapter