Written by PREACHER

1 Jan 2012

After one or two not so thrilling attempts at a threesome the wife and I settled upon a young guy we found on a local swing site.

For the sake of this tale all names have been changed to hide the not so innocent.

Allan would come over to our place about every 2 months or so. We'd sit and eat and drink for a while before all of us would jump into the sack together. Looking back I think the guy probably thought all his Xmas's had come at once as we had all agreed at the outset that he didn't have to use any condoms as my wife couldn't stand the feel of rubber. We'd all agreed that the arrangement would be kept strictly between the three of us and none of us would entertain any other partners for as long as this arrangement was to last.

My wife Sue has always been interested in having some fun with two guys in bed at once. But due to peer pressure and the ridiculous norms of our society she had never had the chance. Sue had been married before for several years and now her kids had grown up and left home. She had always played the dutiful wife and never put a foot wrong for years, washing cleaning and looking after the household. I am sure a lot of you ladies out there can identify with that role. At 38 yrs she was still a stunner to look at slim petite figure, long blond hair and the cutest bottom I'd ever come across. Now me, well I am a bottom man and I have to admit that I do like a bit of anal sex. However after a few attempts with Sue she told me that she didn't like it and that I was far too big to be sticking it up her backside. Well that was the end of that. Then she told me that oral sex was proving difficult for the same reason and that she felt she was choking at times. Now guys, like me you have thought bigger is better but in my case it certainly was not.

Its funny how things can get turned around though and it wasn't until Allan started coming over that I began to notice. Sue, deciding to be outrageous wouldn't wear any panties whenever Allan came over. She would sit at the table whilst we were enjoying an evening meal, with the shortest of skirts on making sure Allan got a good view every now and then between her legs. Whilst in the kitchen she would always make sure she had to bend over at some point providing Allan with the perfect view of her bare bottom.

'Your wife doesn't wear underwear', he would say grinning at me.

'Seems so', I would answer. Wondering why she had never done this with me. I hadn't the heart to say it was for his pleasure as opposed to mine.

'I am married to you, I just like being a bit of a slut for Allan'. She would explain to me later.

I got so I would look forward to Allan coming over just so I to could experience this “new Sue”.

We had began as I said by all of us jumping into the sack together on these occasions. It was only after a year or two that I found myself after coming out of the shower, always last. I found Sue and Allan had begun without me. Unperturbed I would await an opportunity to climb into bed and join the fun. Until the day came or I should say evening, when I entered the room to find my wife on all fours with Allan's cock in her mouth and giving him such a deep throat that he had a smile from one end of his face to the other.

'Wow your wife can sure suck a cock', he remarked as I stood with a dumb expression of surprise on my face. I moved to the other side of the room and sat down on a chair to watch the show.

'No don't let me come, I want to stick it in your arse, I've always wanted to do that with you', he almost pleaded. To my surprise yet again Sue simply grinned and moved around on the bed pushing a pillow under her stomach for support and raising her bottom up in the air. It was then I noticed she was wearing the same black lace undies I had given her not a week before as a wedding anniversary present. This was the first time I had seen her in them.

'Oh my...',began Allan

'Love the underwear is that for me?' he continued as he began pulling them down over my wife's bottom.

'Can you fetch me some lube ', he asked looking across the room at me. This I had to see. I reached into a draw finding the tube and threw it across the room to him. I watched as he squirted a large amount of lube onto his thumb and gently inserted it into my wife's backside. Whilst pumping his thumb in and out of my wife he looked at me still smiling and gave me a knowing wink. Then gripping the end of his cock he began to slowly insert it up into my wife. Sue was moaning and gripping the sheets on the bed as he manoeuvred the whole of his cock up into her arse hole. Then to both Allan's and my surprise Sue let out a yelp and started to shudder with the biggest orgasm.

'Oh my God fuck my arse Allan please !' she cried. I looked down and saw that I had the biggest hard-on. Allan laughed and began fucking my wife's arse with a wicked look of pleasure on his face. After a few minutes Allan gave a deep groan and I knew he was ejaculating into her bum. Sue was squirming around on the bed almost slipping off his cock as Allan gripped her thighs pulling her back into his crotch.

“Wow sweetheart I haven't finished yet, I've been saving this one up for you'. He told her. I watched almost in fascination as his cock twitched offloading his cum into her. As he withdrew his still dripping cock from her backside Sue slumped forward onto the bed shuddering yet again with another orgasm.

'Nice fuck, real nice. I've been wanting to do that ever since your wife flashed her bum at me, my own wife won't let me do that you know', he remarked.

Then he was getting up and with a smack of Sues backside in thanks he went off to shower.

Sue looked across the room at me. With a smile she glanced down at my cock and noticed the pool of cum I had made on the floor.

'I see you enjoyed that almost as much as I did', she laughed.

'Yes, but..I thought you......'.

'He's not as big as you so it fits better', she said reading my mind and answering my question.

'He likes me to suck his cock for him and I wasn't sure if you would want me doing that so I usually suck him to a big hard on before you get here by which time he's usually fucking me. You know his wife is really big and a lot older than him he told me. So anyway I knew if he wanted to anal fuck me it would be okay, I am glad he did I had the biggest orgasm. You can handle it sweetheart come on', she finished.

I looked down at the floor, I guess I had to, I thought to myself.