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Mistress 1:The Pickup

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2 min
Published 5 years ago
This is a true story. Introductions required: I am a 45yo female divorcee. Don’t let that put you off. I have spent the last 2 years since separation exploring good kink. I am of average height and weight, size D, attractive and a well-paid professional. My horny lover, who we will call Tom, is attractive 39yo professional, 6ft of muscular build with nice fat cock. You’ll have to be patient, this is just a bit of background to the main event - the first date (next story). We had met a few times through our mutual sport, but did not know each other well. One week night, approximately 8 months ago, we were both hanging out at the bar at a loose end, both relatively sober. We had a chat, and flirted a bit. The crowd thinned, and we joined the last in leaving. On the way out Tom sidled up to me and dropped “ You seem to be free tonight, I don’t suppose you’d like to have some fun?” What can a girl say to a nice offer like that? He explained that he hadn’t had any from his wife in a long time. My previous lover had left the country two weeks before, and I was feeling a bit inclined myself. We had access to a convenient spot, so we went (can’t give details). From the first time we kissed, there was some magic there. We got naked, and played. Was the usual stuff for a while until Tom started to finger my arse (while he was fucking me doggy). Now, I love anal, and this immediately piqued my interest. “Would you like to fuck my arse?” I asked. He definitely did - no lube. Tom came in my arse that night. For a first time together, it was pretty good. We had a chat and discovered, to our mutual delight, that we were both open to a bit of kink. I said I liked to dress-up and play Mistress. He was keen for that, although not experienced anything like that before. We exchanged phone numbers and went home, feeling less desperate but much, much hornier that before. We exchange communiqués over the next few days to arrange the next session. My arse took a few days to recover from the delicious pounding it had with no lube – was a lovely reminder. We arranged to get together the next Wednesday night for Mistress session at my place. See next story.

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