Written by Candy1991

31 May 2012

when i met a couple and there fuck buddy i didnt know what to expect seeing as this is my first 4some but when i walked in the door where a ( dave and michelle) sat on the couch scissoring her rubbing his cock watching fantastic porn hmm i sat and watched alittle bit feeling nervous then thought why not so i got changed.

michelles partner dean comes over starts to rub my nipples as michelle sucks off dave hmm a hot sight i got wet instantly i grabbed his cock decided to suck him and rub his balls tongue flicking over his head round the head then deep into my mouth hehe i love to tease and his moans were not discouraged. While this was happening michelle layed back and dave licked her and fingered her.

dean suggests i suck daves cock and so i walked over grabbed his cock and teased him sucking in motions and licking with passion when i sucked him dean fingered me and licking my clit from behind hmm michelle was still getting licked and fingered which the sight was hot of her wet pussy i did want to taste not sure what she would say so i just enjoyed the flow of things hehe.

all decided bedroom was best and dave was so hot he grabbed deans cock and put it in his mouth i was so turned on by the sight i wanted a cock in me bad hmmm. Dave was fucking michelle and i couldnt help but ask can i touch you which she didnt mind hmm when dean got the condom on we all fucking side by side watching waiting to see who cums first and what a hot sight to see michelle cum hmmm made me moan loud dean wanted to play with michelle and dave decideds to lick and finger me making me tingle then dave starts to fuck me missionary i asked if my legs could go on his shoulders cause i love it deep i felt michelles fingers on me clit and before i knew it i came as well hmmm such fun.

we all chatted which is something im not used to but was nice except the fact i was still horny and ready for more but hmm unfortunatly dean and michelle had to leave which i hope to see again for more fantastic sessions so i was left on the couch with dave chatting watching this amazing porn and i asked can we watch from the start since i havent seen it before.

i was so horny in the middle of chatting i mentioned it and he said you can touch me you know hmmm didnt need to tell me twice i took him into my mouth and rubbing his balls he was so hard it made me drip hmm licking from his balls to the tip i wanted him in me and he thought the same i turned around bent over the couch waiting for his cock but he licked and fingered me and wow it felt nice so different from normal plays hmm then out of no where he sticks his hard cock in me and it was hot as, i encouraged for him to go harder and that he did and spanking my ass grabbing my hair i was on the verge of having a massive orgasm and he needed to cum aswell i said on my back/ass hmm he then after i came hard hmm cummed all on my ass then did something that was so hot never had this happen but such a simple thing rubbed his cum on my ass then through my crack onto my pussy and back again to complete the second session.

we played till late in the night and not even missed a beat hmmm was a hot fantastic night mwah