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The submissive couple's journey continues


7 minute read

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It almost seemed like a time warp. 4 years, nearly to the day, after our very first meet. Same town, same hotel, only this time I was hosting and the sexy submissive wife and her equally submissive cuckold husband arrived to have some naughty play time. It had been a very short notice meet but we worked it out and at 4pm they arrived at my room, the usual hello's then it was time for K to get changed into her sexy slutty outfit. As she got changed her sissy cuckold husband and I got naked and awaited her return from the change room, I could see him admiring my thick superior cock as we both stroked ourselves ready for the play to begin. K came out, sexy black lacy corset, black stockings, black panties and very high heeled Come Fuck Me Shoes and her hair nicely coloured. Sissy cuck S straightened out her suspender straps then she turned to me……ready. I got up and we embraced, my hands roaming all over her sexy ass and tits as we kissed and I told her just how sexy she looked and that I was going to fuck her like a slut with my big cock in front of her sissy husband. My thick hard cock was rubbing between her legs and she rubbed back, feeling my cock against her pussy lips through the thin panty gusset. S was behind her, rubbing her back as we carried on our sexual tryst, as my cock got harder and protruded between her thighs I gave him his first order, "S, get down there and suck my big cock for your wife." Naturally he did as he was told, he is getting really good at taking my meat down his throat and it was a massive turn on kissing his wife and sucking her nipples while he sucked the superior cock protruding through her thighs. It was becoming very sexually charged, he had done well, now it was her turn. "K, get on your knees and show sissy husband how it's done properly." K complied and was soon sucking my thick cock while S watched her, also on his knees close by her mouth, I could see he was jealous of her getting my meat. I wanted to test her cock sucking skills, "Get up here S, let's get two cocks into her slut mouth." With that he stood next to me as K took both our cocks, initially sucking one at a time until we both moved forward and forced both into her mouth at the same time. She did very well, she was really getting into this double cock blowjob and she took both of us with ease, even as I was holding her head and forcing even more of me into her married mouth. I moved to lay on the bed and told K to come and sit on my face, giving me her pussy to lick and tease while pinching her already hard nipples. As I did that the good boy did his task and carried on sucking my cock, keeping me nice and hard while his sexy wife rubbed her wet pussy into my face feeling my tongue on her clit and lips. K was getting more and more turned on, we all were, and moved down to sit on my aching hard cock, sissy boy held it and guided it into his wife's eager pussy as she gasped at the size and slowly took it all, inch by inch. I could feel the tip of my cock against her cervix, feel her riding it to get every inch inside her, gushing her juices all over my cock as she contorted her face at the sheer pleasure she was getting from such a big cock that I told her she deserved. She started coming, her juices soaking my big dick as S watched in admiration and his own cock getting harder watching his wife's pleasure. K then half turned to her husband, "Are you going to join in?". This was now her wanting more, something she always craved when we all met up and something that turns us all on. S moved up behind her while she was sitting on my thick hard cock, she was so wet that he easily slid his cock into her wet pussy alongside mine and she gasped with the pleasure and her eyes rolled back. "yes you sexy slut, this is what you need. Two cocks filling your wet cunt. Two men filling you up and you love it, you love the extra full feeling." She was nodding in agreement, all the time continually squirting all over my cock and balls and we both fucked her together, her moans of sexual pleasure filled the room and could probably be heard all down the hotel corridor… was still only 4.30 in the afternoon so plenty of movement outside our room. We didn't care, SHE didn't care. She was being used, being fucked, being filled and this is what she craved. She was a lovely, friendly, mum/housewife/friend outside the room in real life, but, right now her dreams and fantasies were being fulfilled. Right now she was a submissive married slut, dressed like a cock loving whore to please her lover and she was being desired not just by her husband but by another man who had the cock and attitude to use her the way she needed to be used. She took that double vaginal penetration for quite a while, usually sissy boy has to stop after a short while because he cums, but today he was on form, he kept fucking her pussy, rubbing against my thick superior cock as we both filled her. This was surpassing our previous meets, this was sending her into rapturous sexual overload and we were all getting close. S pulled out, K slumped against my chest as she was coming down from the sexual high, her pussy juices her covered not only my cock, balls, stomach and thighs but had soaked the doona cover. We had a quick rest while K recovered from the DVP, needing a drink to refresh herself. Then we started again, this time taking turns to fuck her from behind, then on top of her, then spit roasting her, making sure her married mouth and pussy was always full of cock. I teased her that maybe I should bring another big cock into the equation, another man to show her sissy boy how she needed to be fucked and used. We were intent on making the most of this play time to really give K the best fuck of her life, she was ravenous and greedily took both our cocks each and every way until S succumbed to his needs and filled her pussy up with her first cum load of the session. I took over as I pushed my big dick inside her, pushing his cum deeper into her pussy than it had ever gone before, fucking her sideways, on top and with her again on top. I could feel my own sap rising so I told her to open her legs for me, spread open she gladly took me inside her as I got harder and harder as I could feel that explosive orgasm about to blow. Getting deeper and harder with each stroke she could feel it too, urging me to fill her up, to cream her married pussy with my full potent seed. "I'm going to cum in your wife S, she wants my cum, your slut NEEDS my cum." Cum I did, blasting a big load inside her, giving her what she has craved for months since our last meeting when I had seeded her in their marital bed. It was bliss…… An hour had passed and now we had to part, K getting freshened up before leaving the room, her hair was plastered with sweat and her pussy stretched to fulfilment and to walk through the lobby like that would have been a bit of a giveaway as to why she had been there. We all agreed it had been the best yet……hopefully still more to 'cum'.

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