Written by supersonic

10 Sep 2019

The company I worked for used to send me overseas on business. While this came with its perks often it was a lot of work and then crashing in the evenings, the employees weren’t particularly social, bar the HR manager but that’s another story. One trip I had a few colleagues with me and we headed out on the Friday night, the company driver was out with us partly to show us around, even though I was reasonably familiar and partly to ensure we didn’t get ourselves into too much trouble. He had tried to set me up a few times but I was cautious as I knew how rumours went around the office and it was a hassle I could do without. We arrived at one of the bars grabbed a few drinks and noticed there was a pool table so went to investigate further.

There were some people playing doubles of which 2 girls were beating everyone who challenged them, they really could play and eventually it was our turn. The girls were having fun and had obviously had a few drinks, both were drinking beer and were hot, the one with long dark hair caught my eye a few times, she had a great body and long dark hair down to her waste. We lost that game and asked for a rematch to which they agreed and after a few attempts we finally beat them. Our driver said to me that he thought the long haired girl liked me and I nodded my head, he then asked for my business card and went over and exchanged cards handing me AJ’s on his return. My colleagues wanted to go to another bar so after properly introducing ourselves we said our goodbyes and left. After a few more drinks I decided to message AJ saying it was good to meet her and asking how her night was going, she responded “ok” but that she was a little bit bored, I told her she should come meet us and she agreed. We met at a club she recommended and we had a few more drinks and began to chat, we flirted and soon we all ended up on the dancefloor, after a few more drinks I asked her if she “wanted to get out of here”. She agreed and we left the others and grabbed a taxi to where I was staying.

I got us some beers from the fridge and it didn’t take long until we were making out on the couch. AJ certainly wasn’t shy and next thing she took her shirt off revealing a black lace bra and nice cleavage. She grabbed my shirt and helped me out of it, soon I was massaging her breasts and she was kissing my neck. Occasionally she would bite my tongue, which much as I dislike I tolerated. I then started to remove her skirt and could see a damp patch in her dark knickers, I smiled and asked if she was having fun. I undid her bra and began sucking and massaging her breasts while she fumbled with my belt and trousers. We headed to the bedroom and she shed the rest of her clothes as did I. She grabbed my cock and began to play with it I kissed her neck and nipples and gradually made my way down between her legs, she was quite wet by this stage. I began to play with her pussy occasionally caressing her clit or letting a finger slip inside her, she was getting really turned on, as was I and I eventually positioned my head between her legs and began to taste her warm moist pussy. I continued licking fingering and massaging until I knew she was close to orgasm, then I gently moved her onto her hands and knees with her bum in the air, I parted her lips and shoved my tongue deep inside her, licking here up and down and a short while later she came, grinding her pussy into my face.

I motioned to AJ to lie on her back and we began to kiss again, she grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled me towards her, willing me to put it inside her. I pushed her legs up and pushed my cock into her wet pussy, she groaned, as did I, as I filled her up pushing as deep into her as possible. She gasped as I pulled my cock back until it almost came out then began to thrust into her at an increasing rate. Her wet pussy felt so good and we were both electrically charged in the moment. We explored each others bodies hands running over each other as we bucked and bounced around the bed. I pulled out and admired her perfect pussy. I sat up and she turned facing away from me, lowering herself back onto my cock. We both began to thrust in rhythm I could feel my cock sliding deep up the walls of her pussy as she bounced up and down enjoying every last millimetre of my hard cock. This continued then AJ turned around pushed me flat on my back and moved from her knees to her feet and began to bounce up on down on me again, I reached forward gently rubbing her nipples, her dark brown eyes locked on mine smiling as she milked my cock. We both had beads of sweat running down our bodies as I’d not had time to hit the aircon or fan. AJ back on her knees at this point grabbed my head and began to kiss me with her tongue buried in my mouth, another quick bite at my tongue grrrrrrrrr.

Eventually she climbed off and went back on all fours pushing her bum towards me, I grabbed her hips and shoved my tongue into her tasting us both, I then rubbed the head of my cock up and down her coating it further in her juices, she kept pushing back trying to get me back inside her I finally pushed myself back in. Reaching around I cupped her breasts, rubbing her pert nipples while having to push her long hair out of the way. I was thrusting in and out of her as fast as I could we were both breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure. Knowing I wasn’t far away from cumming myself, I went for it and was sliding in and out pushing as deep as I could and pulling out until the tip of my cock was just at her entrance, I started to feel myself close so I pulled out and then shot a large jet of cum over her back and bum. I grabbed a tissue and wiped some of my cum off then she turned over and we began to kiss again. I decided to give her another orgasm and quickly started to finger her clit, she pushed me down and I began to lick her pussy and clit realising that she was close to another, darting my tongue and finger alternately between her clit and pussy I worked her to another orgasm her body shaking as she came, we held each other exhausted and satisfied, kissing and touching until we fell asleep.

We woke and had fun a few more times during the night. We were on the 30 something floor and the rooms had floor to ceiling windows, it was dark so you could see the skyline and other tall buildings as the curtains weren’t closed. I gently pushed her against the glass her back to the window, she shivered a little as the glass must have been cold, I manoeuvred my cock into her enjoying the view and hoping someone else would get to watch. I then lifted her off the ground, her legs wrapping around my waste, my cock still deep inside her and carried her over to a large wood desk cut from a large tree showing the rings of age, setting her on the desk I continued to slide in and out of her massaging her clit at the same time.

The bed head went up as far as the ceiling and was a dark velour with indented buttons like a chesterfield couch, at one point after AJ had been lying on her front I was straddling her bum knees either side pushing into her, AJ then stood up pushing her hands up the material and I stood up with her fondling her breasts and kissing her neck, she bent slightly steadying herself on the bed head as I slid my cock into her. When she finally left in the morning after another session in the shower I returned to the bedroom and began to laugh as I could see her hand marks running all the way up the bed head. AJ was a lot of fun and we saw each other regularly when I was there on business, she was always up for fun and we had sex in so many places but again stories for another time.

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