Written by Candy1991

7 May 2012

So i woke up feeling sore as i looked at the time it was 7 am geez anyways i saw i had messages on my phone i replied to one and well he replied back and i called him which was i guess a bad idea since he left me so horny and wet i just had to have fun.

so i grabbed my toy but before i played decided im going to watch some porn hmmm was good too for some reason anal porn has alot sex scenes and threesomes i love it especially this dvd.I kept putting my toy deep inside me and then out again randomly vibrating then sticking it on my clit which felt so good better then any oral down there. So as i watched mmf threesomes and came only couple of times which lasted about 2 hours or so i got up at 9am still horny wet dripping from the morning and i organised to meet a guy he said he will kiss me as i enter the house never happens sounds so hot but its like just a line well so i thought hehe.

i walked into his house and he kissed me walking into his bedroom clothes just came off inch by inch hmmm he layed on the bed and i couldnt help it, his clean shaven hard cock needed to be sucked and licked (which i do enjoy) so as i sucked him running my tongue up and down his length then taking it into my mouth. It was too good for him so he got up went behind me (safety condom) and from my favourite position he fucked me and not just half way he fucked me hard pounding my wet pussy felt so good to have a man who knows how to do it right hmmmm.

I made him stop for alittle while to change it up cant fuck in one position need variety anyways i went on my back and he went in deep all i can do is moan with pleasure and feel my wetness drip hmmm especially on my ass hehe its nice.

hmm i could see him go in and out of me and when he said he needed to cum well i did for him too so at the same time feel amazing and that it did.

ahhh what a lovely morning