Written by Candy1991

17 Apr 2012

when i saw him i thought he was more attractive then i thought walking down to my car with a cheeky grin hmm we kissed and hugged. We both got into the car had alittle cruise realising this is hopeless so horny yet cant do anything anywhere hmmm so we decided the motel is best hehe even though his hand was already down my pants playing and teasing me through out the drive grrr.

finally got the key after some delays and just walked in closed the door and it was on kissing passionatly and taking our clothes off hmm for some reason i didnt wanna mess up the bed yet i wish we did lol we layed on the bed admiring out bodies touching and kissing something different for me since ive never done much foreplay.

at first i was alittle uneasy since this was all new to me him just touching my breasts kissing them gently till i say harder please :) and then fingering me for alittle while till i said go on you know you want to since he loved oral felt nice since i was relaxed by then.

after that we chatted for some time just about experiences and fun then i had an idea i went out to the car and grabbed something that when you and got no vibe this is what you secretly use well i used to lol. To his suprise i reached for my pocket and low and behold ..........................

impulse deoderant hehe long yet thin but does the job also makes you smell nice hehe so i showed him what i could do i spread my legs inserted it into my wet pussy let him play with it hehe for alittle while we still kissed and kissed then he spanked me hmmm felt so good especially since ive wanted this for ages he bent me over put on a condom fucked me doggy and spanked me hmmm was so nice my ass was red raw but felt amazing

wasnt the usually hard fuck i get but was the most amazing experiences yet :)