Written by Anonymous

28 Feb 2010

it was late, i was online and saw a girl with an interesting profile, so i said hi. i sent her my hotmail account and we chatted for a while, she was intelligent and interesting. The chat soon disintegrated into what we'd like to do to each other, and when i told her I wanted her to meet me at her door in a dress, so i could drop to my knees and slide my tongue inside her, she called me a 'romantic' and invited me over.

Her name was Josie and she lived in the foothills of the dandenongs and as it was late on a tuesday night, the roads were wuiet and i had only a little time to wonder exactly what i was letting myself in for. She had sent me a photo and it was lovely, long curly auburn hair and a pretty face. Sensuous mouth and dark eyes, i wondered if her pic was close to real life, and if she really was 5'9 and slim and early 30's.

as she opened the door, i nearly lost my nerve, because she was exactly as described. i whispered hello and she shut the door behind me. i planted a tiny little kiss on her mouth and caressed her firm body as i went down to my knees and parted her thighs so i could taste her. Her skin was smooth and had a heavy scent of fragrant oils. Wow, i thought, she did all this for me, and as my tongue sought her mound i encountered a full womanly bush, which turned me on. Here was a real natural beauty.

i cupped her cheeks in my hands and licked all around her lips and flicked and licked and sucked her clit. I turned her around to face the wall and drove my tongue deep inside her at which she moaned deeply. She began to move with me and I knew she was enjoying my tonguelashing.

I was loving every second of it and slid a few fingers into her. her hips bucked and pushed against me and softly she began to murmur that i take her to the bedroom.

it was dark and candelit, and the low futon added to the bohemian atmosphere. i lay her on the bed and began to lick her pussy again. buryng my face in her and glorying in her taut body.

without letting my tongue leave her wet soaking pussy, i took off my pants and fingered her as i took my shirt off. her hands were caressing my shoulders and neck and her back was arching in pleasure. i got on my knees and moved beside naked form.

she softly and deeply took my thick cock in her mouth. She began to suck it gently, with care and intent, moaning as my fingers flicked her clit from side to side and made swift circles.

i looked down at her, drinking in the sight of this lovely woman taking my cock into her mouth. She was moving only an inch or so up and down, her tongue swirling deliciously slowly around my head. She was enjoying the fullness of it in her mouth.

I wanted to taste her again so i asked for a 69. I was sweating hard, because she was turning me on so much. I put apillow under my head, because her long slender legs held her gorgeous box tantalisingly away from my eager mouth.

She began to really grind her pussy into my face as my tongue went deep, deep inside her. I knew she loved it and i stuck my thick strong tongue as far as i could possibly go. Face fucking her pussy I fought hard to catch my breath.

She breathlessly asked if it was too soon to for me to fuck her, and i said

"of course not" as she rolled off me and grabbed a condom,

i fingered her as i rolled it on and she moaned

'stick that big penis inside me'

after teasing her wiht the head of my thick cock, i entered her slowly, making sure we were both covered in her essence. as soon as i was in and could feel her responding, i put my hand under her knees and lifted them up. building up speed i began to pound her , long and hard and deep. she pulled me close and we kissed as my cock thrust within her and her hips rose up to meet mine.

over and over we ground into each other and i could feel her cumming. She wanted to be on top and rode me reverse cowgirl so i could watch her lithe firm back gyrating and her round arse grinding onto my cock.

she turned around and fucked me hard and came again, and a few times more when i put her feet next to my hips and slammed my cock up and into her over and over.

she wanted me to cum to she got on her knees and after she came i released a huge load into her.

we lay together for a whle, caressing each other , until i moved down and tasted her again. this time, as i licke dand sucked her box, i sucked her clit into my mouth, and began to flick it with my tongue. she began to cum and moaned

'i cant stop cumming!!' and i grinned and kept going.

we fucked again and i then lay down for her to sit on my face. she ground her cunt into me so i could barley breathe and as i licked and sucked her clit and slid my tongue deep inside her, i slid a finger into her ass.

she came and her juices made my face slick with moisture and asked for me to fuck her.

i rolled her on her side and entered her, whilst on my knees and the feeling was incredible, her hole gripped an clenched me and every thrust seemed to send her into spasms. i rolled her onto her knees.

she was nealry spent and asked if i wanted to finish off in her ass.

the sight of my thick cock inches away from her tight hole and her hands spreading her cheeks, waiting for me to penetrate will live with me forever. i was so hot and hard that we ficked for a long time until she begged me to cum, which i did with her lying mext to me and kissing my neck and stroking my balls as i finished myself.

later she said it was amazing and stopped herself before she let on too much. i knew she hadnt experienced much better and when she said this was a one time thing and that she preferred random encounters, i was a little sad.

months later Josie contacted me again, and i went over and we shared another night.

but thats another story