Written by Beachfire

28 Mar 2018

So been chatting to Mr Suit from the site for a few weeks been clicking quite well online...

Decided to meet in real life to see if his cheeky naughty side came through in real flesh and not just online and did it ever he surely never disapointed me once.

Ive had guys say they can cum number of times and keep going in a sex session but OMFG ive never really experience nothing like this guy before the things he mafe me feel was out of this world.

We agreed to meet at a coffeeshop, he's was wearing a charcol suit that fitted very nice, i walked into the coffeeshop and sat next to him in the booth with the antispation of that first touch that first kiss on my mind and it all happened within seconds of siting. He had already order a hot drink for us both and we just sat and started chatting, i kept stairing into his dark brown eyes and his gorgous smile, i felt out of my depth but loved every minute of it. After awhile we decided to head back to his car, as i was siting in his front seat i could feel my heart race n my temperture rising but not from nerves but sheer excitement. The thought of jumping him right there and then crossed my mind so many times, i had to restrain myself.

We kissed a few times and was touching and flirting with each other. I just wanted to have my way with him. We decided to drive to a motel and get a room, as soon as the door shut on the motel room. i couldnt bare it any longer the sexual tention was so strong, i pounced like a wild cat after its prey. I started undoing his button to his shirt, it was so heated and raw sexual tention i was feeling was so high it was like a drug. he pushed me up against the door started undressing me. As he bent me over and started fucking me i knew there and then this guy knew all the right buttons to push, i was putty in his hands. He had me wet and cumming within minutes this continued for the next 4 hours him cummimg then me, we both went multiple times over the afternoon. All holes u can possible put a cock he did and he was equiped well enough to make me feel ever inch of him and even the next day i was still tender and still had a smile on my face.

Thanks Mr Suit ?