2 Apr 2018

Mr Suit was waiting in a coffee shop waiting for his guest to arrive with a coffee when he saw a fine looking woman approach the table, she looked just like the photos. I knew straight away what I was in for when she shuffled into the both beside me and we pashed. We agreed if she was horny it was a pash but if I wasn’t what she expected it was to be a kiss on the cheek. This set the tone for the morning.

The conversation got whisper quite as to not let anyone hear our devilish conversation mixed with getting very touchy feely and at a few points her sliding her hand against my bulge to push my buttons. I didn’t let her get away with it as I wrapped my arm around her and put my hand under her skirt and grabbed her ass, she was a cheeky little thing and we agreed to get out of there and head to a quite car park to further our chat.

The tension ran the high and sexual energy was flowing and we knew from here a hotel was on the cards. We managed to get in the room and within seconds we were undressing each other, she dropped to her knees and pulled down my boxers exposing my rock hard cock and started sucking it until every vein was throbbing. I lifted her up spun her around and bent her over and took her body, her pussy was dripping, she quivered as she took over 8” of my cock. After leaving a sticky wet mess inside her and seeing cum ooze out I moved to her ass and spread that tiny little hole. I know I pushed her boundaries but she bit her lip and smile the whole way through, making a gushing mess.

I ate her bald pussy and dipped my tongue in and around teasing her making her squirm. She tasted amazing and the second I put a finger inside while continuing to lick I knew I had found her weakness. A second, third then fourth finger went in and my tongue continue to circle over her pulsing clit. All my fingers were deep inside when I felt a pulse and squirt came gushing out, I kept up the same momentum and then the flood gates opened with squirt gong everywhere. The bed was a mess, I was a mess and she looked like a slut that had my full undivided attention

The afternoon proceeded and we tried everything from doggy style, bent over the bed, missionary, and she even attempted to deep throat me which was hot and she just about nailed it! As I laid there she just sucked licked teased until I could not control myself anymore and blew my load multiple times. We moved to the shower to clean up but again the tension was running so high seeing her gorgeous body, that I pinned an arm above her and pulled myself off looking into her eyes. I had never had a woman quite like her.

In all of our conversations she mentioned that she wanted to try DP and while talking she pulled out a nice big thick dildo. The smile on my face said it all and she was eager to be stretched. We slipped it in her pussy and she moaned in a way I had never heard then it was my turn to get myself inside and what a tight fit it was. I cannot put into words how good it felt to have her lips stretched and her screaming in pleasure at every thrust. It was like her pussy was moulded around me. I came three times in 10 minutes filling her with my juices and then she went off like a firework and squirted all over me. I had never felt so horny and I whispered can we go to your ass which she nodded.

With her dildo still deep inside and covered in our juices I pressed my fat knob up against her tiny ass which very quickly opened up and took my red throbbing in anger knob and swallowed it whole. Everything was warm and wet, the way it should be.

After a lazy four hours and experiencing over a dozen orgasms I was shooting out blanks and it was time to call it a day but what a day. There were things that happened which I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.