Written by batsam

3 May 2013

One of my wifes friends (M) rang up one late afternoon to ask if he could come around & jump in our spa as he had had a hard day at work & needed to relax. On his arrival he comes inside, gives the wife a peck on the cheek & heads out to the spa. After a while the wife asks me if I want to come get in the spa with her as she is going to take M a drink. I followed her down & she is wearing a very cleavage revealing bikini top & swim shorts. We both jump in the spa with M & are enjoying a good chat & a drink. Pretty soon I could notice that M & the wife must have been playing with each under water as I noticed both of their smiles & he could not take his eyes off her tits. M then moves over closer to the wife & they start a passionate kiss with tongues darting in & out of each others mouths. M slips a hand inside my wifes bikini top & massages her ample bosom & pinching her nipple. I couldn't see but knew she had his cock out of his shorts & stroking it underwater. They were getting right into it & M unties her top & throws it away so he can massage & lick & nibble on both of her huge tits. M then picks her up , sits her on the edge of the spa & removes her swim shorts. my wife is now naked on the edge of the spa with her shaved pussy in full view. m spreads her legs & goes in to start licking her smooth pussy. She is loving it by the sounds of her moans. M is using his tongue with longue slow licks & inserts 2 fingers into her wet pussy & finger fucks her until he finds her sweet spot, the wife lets out a huge moan & says to him "that's it". He holds a finger on her g spot & continues to lick her clit until she has a massive orgasm right there on the edge of the spa. She slides back into the spa to unwind & come down from her climax. M sits back very pleased with himself. After a short while the wife says to M that she reckons she owes him one & asks him to sit on the edge of the spa for her. His shorts were already off b4 he gets out of the water (I wondered how long they were off for). He sits on the edge of the spa with his legs open & his 8" cock with a piercing in its eye on full display for her. She leans in & takes his cock in her mouth & cups his balls in her hand & massages them for him, rolling them around in her fingers as she bobs up & down on his cock. She takes his balls into her mouth, massages them with her lips & tongue & then licks up the underside of his cock to the head of his penis. She then sucks his cock in & repeats that process quite a few times working him right up until he says :stop, i'm gunna blow". He gets off the edge of the spa & grabs my wife, turns her around & bends her over the edge of the spa with her arse in the air. He grabs his cock, lines it up with her wet hot pussy & guides it into her. When they were both comfortable he sarts to pound his big cock into her with rapid strokes, reaching around & grabs her swinging tits & fondles them while he pounds her. After about 5 minutes of fucking her & tenses up, grabs her hips & slams in hard releasing what seemed like a bucket full of cum into her in spasm after spasm. It was then I noticed that my wife was playing with her clit & brings herself to another orgasm shortly after. They both sink back into the spa & continue with a passionate kiss while he fondles her tits again. They both then separate with huge satisfied smiles on their faces. All the while I am just sitting there watching my wife being taken, once again, right in front of me. She so well I must say, she is so sexy.