Written by oralfun44

25 Mar 2011

I was 19. It was a hot and steamy summers night. I was out at my usual club and was in the mood to party, drink and dance until early hours of the morning. I spotted my gorgeous African spunk of a man across the room. Justin was an incredible lover, with lovely blue eyes, longish dreaded hair, beautifully tanned skin and a body to die for. Justin and I fucked on a regular basis. It was never more than that..... neither of us wanted it that way. If I picked up someone else for the night or if he did, it was never an issue.

I saw him smile at me and I knew by his look that he was available for my pleasure. We got a cab back to his place and we couldn't keep our hands off each other. He had the most amazing body! As soon as we hit his bedroom he tore at my clothes, kissing my body in every place as he did so. It wasn't long until we were both naked. He gently lay me down on his bed and proceeded to kiss my nipples and make his way down to my pussy. His mouth on my pussy was enough to make me shake. He dug his fingers deep inside my hole and nibbled on my clit.... I was in heaven! I loved how he would always pleasure me first!

Whilst still lying on my back, I moved to the side of the bed and threw my head down off the side. He stood up and presented his cock at my lips. It was so big that I always wondered how the hell i was going to get it into my mouth but I always managed. With my head upside down to him he began to dip the head of his cock between my lips. I took just the head to start with and sucked it in and out of my lips... oh so slowly using the suction of my mouth. With me in this position his cock was able to slide right down my throat. He continued to fuck my mouth until I couldn't take any more.

He lay down and I climbed over him. Using the strength of my legs I teased him by only allowing him to enter me slowly. I always had to go slow at first because he was so big and my pussy needed time to adjust to the size of his cock. Once I was comfortable with him inside me, I began to ride him. Watching his eyes roll back I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was.

Suddenly his bedroom door flew open.... I couldn't move. There was no way I was going to give up the position I was in. In the doorway stood a nice looking surfy guy wearing boardies and no shirt. He looked a little shocked. I told him it was ok to come in. He asked Justin to fix his alarm clock. Justin laughed at him and told him to fuck off. Just as he was about to leave I asked him if he wanted to stay and join us....

to be continued....