Written by oralfun44

12 Apr 2011

Suddenly his bedroom door flew open.... I couldn't move. There was no way I was going to give up the position I was in. In the doorway stood a nice looking surfy guy wearing boardies and no shirt. He looked a little shocked. I told him it was ok to come in. He asked Justin to fix his alarm clock. Justin laughed at him and told him to fuck off. Just as he was about to leave I asked him if he wanted to stay and join us. The look on his face was enough to tell me that he’d be delighted to. The guy introduced himself as Ben and asked if there was anything that I needed. I replied that all I needed was another cock to play with. I was excited at the thought of these two men sharing my body and having double the fun! As I was still on top of Justin, I continued to grind my body against his. I swiveled around on his hard cock so I had a better view of Ben. I demanded that he take off his shorts. He did as I asked and my eyes were once more treated to a sight of pure enjoyment. Whilst his cock wasn’t as thick as Justin’s, it was extremely long. Ben began to stroke his gorgeous piece of meat and I continued to move my hips in a circular motion allowing my pussy to swallow Justin’s cock. He was so deep inside me and being in this position gave me ultimate control. I moved my body so his dick hit the spots deep inside me that made me scream with pleasure. Watching the sexy man in front of me waiting patiently, only added to the enjoyment of the experience.

I climbed off Justin and moved towards Ben feeling my juices run down my legs. I was eager and ready to have a taste of his cock. I got onto my knees and proceeded to take him into my hungry mouth. I slowly moved my lips further down his dick, taking my time to enjoy every part of him. Ben grabbed my hair and pushed my head further towards him, I felt him slide down my throat. I loved the taste of him and the feeling of him reaching into the depths of my throat. It wasn’t too long until I felt Justin’s dick rub my cheek and I turned to once again take his cock into my mouth, tasting my pussy juices as I did so. With Justin’s dick still in my mouth, Ben lay on his back and slid his head between my legs. The feel of his lips on my pussy lips was enough to make my juices run even more! I felt him part my lips and tease me with his tongue. He gently nibbled on my clit making me moan with pleasure.

After a while the boys lifted me onto the bed. I got onto all fours and presented my peachy arse for Justin’s pleasure. He started with my pussy, once again allowing me time to adjust to the size of his bulbous cock. I took Ben’s cock in my mouth once again; I loved the feeling of having one dick in my mouth and another in my pussy. Justin began to pound into me fast and hard making it difficult for me to keep Ben’s dick in my mouth but I managed! The boys swapped positions and I got to feel the pure pleasure of Ben’s cock sliding into my pussy oh so easily. Whilst sucking Justin’s dick, I not only tasted my pussy juices but also the divine taste of pre cum oozing from him. The boys’ hands and mouths were all over my body, I was definitely in heaven now!

Ben lay on his back and demanded I get on top. I did as I was told and threw one leg over him and lowered myself down onto his huge erected cock. I began to ride him until I felt Justin’s body leaning against my back. Goosebumps covered my body and Justin whispered in my ear that everything was ok and that he would be very gentle. His hands spread my legs further apart and he spat onto my arse. Ben stopped fucking me for a minute and I felt Justin’s cock against my arse hole. Ben remained still allowing Justin time to enter me. The feeling that washed over me was amazing. My body tingled from head to foot. Once the boys were in a rhythm I started to relax more and more.

It wasn’t long before I reached my peek. My body reaching an orgasm that made me cry out with ecstasy. My head was spinning and I was temporarily frozen from the sheer enjoyment of what had just happened. Justin began to pump his dick into me faster and harder. Suddenly, I felt a gush of hot liquid fill my arse. He pulled out just in time for the remaining few drops to spray onto my arse cheeks. I felt his cum ooze out of me and run down my pussy dripping onto Ben. Ben eased his way out of me and turned me onto my back…. I was too shocked to move.

He spread my legs wide and shoved his dick into my pussy again. He pounded into me fast and hard until he could take no more. He pulled out and moved his dick towards my face. He shoved his dick into my mouth and I felt his hot cum shoot down my throat. It was delicious and I eagerly swallowed every last drop. My body was exhausted but tingling all over. Ben left and Justin tickled my body until I fell to sleep.

I never saw Ben again and it’s been years since I’ve seen Justin… often when I play with myself I think of that night and would love to do it again!