Written by Mickymuncher

1 Feb 2012

Several weeks after the first part of this story the GF Mum & Dad and I went to a nice beach side camping area just south of Newcastle for the family Christmas Holidays. Mum & Dad had a small cabin on a block not far from the waters edge and

a small boat. The area was very crowed during the holiday season and with a very small cabin it was always hard to find

a quite area near the cabin to go for a bonk or two OR THREE. We solved the problem early in the holiday period but going for a ride in the boat out into the middle of a quite large lake about 20 meters from the cabin. Like I said the boat was small around 12 ft long with a fixed seat right across the middle of the boat making it very hard to get two people in a horizontally position in the bottom of the boat. GF would get on the bottom of the boat and I would get on top of her by sliding under the seat. Not very comfortable I admit but at least it was private as we then below the sides of the boat as seen from the edge of the lake.

Early in the day we had been over on the main surfing beach and a small Tiger Moth light aircraft was giving "Joy Flights" off the beach. There were lots of people going up and when we arrived back at the cabin GF told the family about the Joy Flights.

After lunch we both got a bit randy and decided to take the boat out on to the lake for a bit of ""fishing" (cough-Cough) so the family was told and Dad & mum said they may go over to the beach for a surf.

GF and I were out about 1/2 mile from the shore in the bottom of the boat me bonking her hard and fast both starkers and my white arse going up and down like a machine gun. The next minute we heard a plane flying about 500ft above the lake and getting closer and closer, the plane flew straight above us and turned and circled over the top of us for about 5 or 6 minutes and then it flew off. We were both still in the nick and bonking away like hell during the whole time the plane was flying above us.

As the plane left it dawned on both of us that Daddy was going up for a flight in that same aircraft and he might have seen us bonking away on the bottom of his boat and if that was the case it would have been a big big family blowup for both of us.

We took our time getting back to the cabin not knowing if the big boot in the arse and piss of from the holiday cabin and walk back to Sydney awaited me.

We arrived back at the cabin several hours latter and Mum was home and friendly but Dad had no arrived home yet.We were very nervous and about a hour after we arrived back Dad arrived home. It took only ten seconds for us both the realize that Dad was not in a very good mood and we were both in deep shit. Ten minutes later dad called me aside and said he wanted to take me down to the local pub for a beer He had never taken me to any pub before so what else could I think but here comes the big boot in the arse and walk back to Sydney bit. We hopped in the car and Dad took me to the pub and position me in a corner of the bar and him between me and the exit from the bar. He bought me a beer and he was very quite and in a bad mood and I stood with my back against the wall shivering in my boots. About ten minutes latter his brother

walked in to the bar and Dad bought his brother a beer and his mood changed in a flash The two brothers started chatting and GF Uncle starting telling this story about how we went up in this plane off the beach during the afternoon and this pilot told uncle the story about buzzing this couple bonking out on the lake in a boat. Dad started laughing and it was quite easy to tell that he did not wake up that it was myself and his daughter who were doing the bonking on the lake. After we had a few more beers we went home and I quickly got GF aside and told her the story and she was very pleased to find out that we had not been sprung.

We gave up on the boat after that and found our selves a quite place in the sand hills for our remaining holidays and bonked on like rabbits.

More to come.