Written by Mickymuncher

30 Jan 2012

I was 18 living in Cabramatta, Sydney back in the 1960's and had been having it off with this pretty young redhead

from the next street for about 6 months. We only had to see each other for 10 seconds and we were looking for somewere

to get our gear off and start bonking.One night her mother and father went to the movies and we were left at home by ourselves watching tv (cough cough) we were sitting on the lounge she sitting on my lap and I had my hands up under all the lovely pettycoats with two fingers inching into her warm moist pussy, she started getting very randy and I reached across

to the work bench room divider and picked up this lovely orange carrot and worked it into her pussy under her long skirt and pettycoats for about 5 minutes when the next minute the back door burst opened and Mummy & Daddy walked into the room saying they got to the movies and found that they had seen the movie before and deceided to come home. Now my GF had a most natural reaction of wanting to jump up off my lap to reveal me with a 7 inch erection and a carrot in the daughters pussy.I grabed her and pulled her back into my lap and started kissing her, that made Mummy & Daddy leave the room and go into there bed room to get changed, in the next 2 minutes while they were out of the room I zipped up Percy and placed the carrot back on the table. and we were sitting back on the lounge kissing.

Mummy & Daddy came out of the bed room and made a bit off small talk with us and then she picked up the still wet carrot that had been in her daughters pussy only 2 minutes before and said "Well we may as well cook tea" and made a salad for us all.

She did not notice that we did not eat any carrot with our tea but commented on how nice the grated carrot tasted.

Will tell more at a later date.