Written by Cassy_Lee

31 Jan 2015

It was going to be a memorable weekend. Not because it was the first time hub & I shared a weekend escape together in a very long time, but because my fantasy of being fucked by multiple men was about to come true. I was determined to make it happen & the very idea of it left my heart racing with anticipation. Admittedly, I was very excited about the prospect of attending an out of town swinger's party. Family & friends knew that we were travelling interstate to attend a work Function party. However what they didn't know was that after the work function, we'd, or rather I'd planned to pop into a swinger's party.

As the time drew closer to us leaving the function. I found myself becoming more & more nervous about the idea of fucking strange men... Could I really do this? Am I really that much of a slut? Would my husband really want to watch me fuck other men while he watched? With every doubt, I found myself taking another sip of vodka. Now my heart & my mind were racing. Slow down ... Stop freaking out. Wait until you get there - then I can freak out. Lol Too much self talk going on here. Need to calm down & wait until I arrive at the venue.

Finally we arrived at the venue. It looked like an average red bricked Aussie style home. It was either my new sense of heightened fear or the extended journey that left me sober.

We walked in ... I new that I looked hot & I was sexy but I wasn't drop dead gorgeous like I was in my 20s. I was now the 'older' woman so I wasn't as confident as I used to be. Post having children, my figure was now more voluptuous & my anatomy had changed.... Would guys still find me attractive??? I stuck close to my hub's side as we ventured around the premises. I was feeling shy and vulnerable, consequently not making direct eye contact with the opposite sex. My hub asked me if I'd noticed any guys that I'd like to be with. I was too timid & afraid to make decisions. I was beginning to doubt the whole idea - what the hell was I thinking ??? I think we should leave... In haste I broke the news to my man... Stating this was a bad idea & we should bail. He ... (To be continued)