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my awakening

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3 min
Published 7 years ago
sadly but this true tale is about me ,im now 56 hot horny sexy woman who found out about threesomes . I was jogging my usual run in the morning a bright dry day , when taking a stop to drink and pour water over myself at the toilets I felt a hand on me , I turned to see this very average but acceptable guy asking if I was ok ,I mentioned just that I was hot and sweaty , to which he laught and said great pick up line , whick it wasn't meant to be so we laught together after I told him I was tired hot etc ,his name was dave an English guy after further jogging he joined up with his friend for the last 2 klm , back at the tap area I then poured water over myself once more , to see dave and len laugh again remembering what happened before so I squirted both of them with my water bottle , and in retaliation I copped both bottles from them I was soaked and my breasts were showing through the thin lycra by that time . I went to my car got my change of clothes to towel myself down then get dressed, after in the ladies I was totally nude drying my self when dave walked in from behind me and cupped my breasts I jumped but he held me tight then massaged my breasts slowly to which are super sensitive a short time he turned me around to kiss me , lovely kisser nearly came there and then,his hands fondly me soft but eager all over my body I had him then moved to my nipples that sent me off on a high orgasiming straight away, I was caught up in the moment when I felt another pair of hands on me it was his friend Len I was so flushed with emotion I just let him feel me too , dave wondered lower to my pussy parting my lipsflicking his finger on my clit before resting his tongue on it then his tongue went to work I nearly collapsed there and then , they lifted me to the bench and both fondled me dave went back to my pussy to really climax me good , Len then started to suckle my nipples I was in a zone of erotica, my head spiining my orgasims coming I let go and pleaded to dave to fuck me , it was then I saw his cock 8incg clean cut hard rigid twitching , Len turned me on my stomache as dave enterd my fully wet pussy and drove in slow at first procceding to fast strokes to which I drove back at Len lifted me up wards to him and he enterd my pussy but his cock was much bigger thicker but it was paradise to me dave entered me anally that made me come in huge spurts one orgasim after the other , after 20min or so I could tell having had 14 orgasims or more we fell onto the floor laughing it was the best sex ever um planned but ill see if I catch them again id love more time in comfortable surroundings next time , we all cleaned up I dressed and went to work to say I was buzzing all day would be a understatement .

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