Written by psolis

5 Feb 2012

I was at a loose end last sunday afternoon, so decided to head off to the pultney sauna.

paid my enterance fee, stripped off and headed for the steam room. You can usually tell straight away how busy the place is , & this afternoon it was just right, enough guys to see some action.

In the steam room there were three guys, just sitting. I found my spot & started to enjoy the steam bath,while lightly playing with myself. As is usual guys come & go. After about 5 minutes I feel hands touching my thigh, & then my cock. It hardens up right away & B4 I know it I am getting my first blow job for the afternoon. I sit back & enjoy it till I blow my 1st load down this random guys throat. He sucks it all up & dissapperes.

While this was happening an Asian lad was watching. I know this lad , I have fucked him here B4. I ask him would he like to be fucked, A nod of yes,I get a condom, lube up & proceed to give him a good fucking. He has a nice smooth, tight ass & B4 long I am cumming again.

I head to the shower, wash up & head upstairs. By now I am as horny as hell & I need a good fucking. I head into the Group room. There are a few guys in here, some playing some watching, but decide to move on. I very raerly play in this room because to many guys do not use condoms. Moving on I go past the glory hole cubicles. 2 have thier doors closed so I enter the third , stick my dick through the hole. I get a frondle but no suck so again i move on.

As usual there are guys just roaming the aisles looking for some action, as I was. I come to the sling room, it is vacant so I lay my towel across it, rub some lube on my ass & lay down. A couple of guys come in have a quick fondle & move on. After about 5 minutes a tall guy , older than me comes in . he starts wanking me & with his other hand feeling my ass. I reach down & feel his cock. he is average size (6") & hard. He gestures to me to fuck me . I give him a yes. He places a condom over his hard cock , lubes up & proceeds to penetrate me. Mmmmmmmmm I am enjoying it & he is good. As is always the case , other guys come & watch. Some wanking them selves others just watching. Before long there are 6 or 7 guys. The guy fucking me saying he is ready to blow, I tell him to blow on my chest. He withdraws , removes the condom & lets loose all over my stomach.

This had the effect of sending every one off. Another guy had stuck his dick up my ass, he is pumping me for all his worth,

meanwhile I have a dick in each hand, another has blown on my stomach. While this is going on I am being pumped & another is sucking me. I reach down to grab his dick. Oh my, oh my, At least 9 inches of rock solid manhood. I have to try & get it up me. My ass is well lubed, & , streched. I ask him to fuck me. His eyes light up, (turns out, he does not get to fuck too many guys because he is so big). He places the condom on, lots of lube, & slowly pushes it in. I take large deep breaths & relax. He is all the way in & proceeds to pump me. My ass explodes with anal cum After cum. I am moaning so loud all the other guys are cumming over my chest, I even copped one on the face, which i didn't want, but neverthe less,

I noticed my big cock guy, has picked up the tempo, he is reaching climax, I am wanking myself for all I am worth, when we both explode uncontrollably, our screams would have been herd downstairs. A couple of other guys finished unloading on me, & I was spent. All but "big cock" had gone. I was covered in cum, My 1st cum shower. He introduced himself George.

He thanked me & I said no let me thank you. I suggested we go shower & talk.

We showered together, dried off and went to the lounge. thats where he told me about not getting to fuck many guys. Unlike me ,He is gay only, a pity for all the girls. He is from melbourne & comes to adelaide every 6 months so we swapped phone numbers, trouble is I said to him , my ass was already well streached & lubed, I don't know if I would be able to take it right off, but as he said we will have fun trying.

Rested, I suggested we go upstairs for some more play. In a private cubicle, we sucked & fucked each Other. Yes I was able to take that incredible piece of manhood again as my ass was still well streached & lubed. I fucked him as well.

I showered again & left. On the drive home I reflected on my afternoon. I recieved 4 blowjobs, I fucked 2 asses,I had my 1st cum shower, I got gangbanged by at least 6 guys that I could remember but possibly 9, plus to finish the day off I got fucked by the biggest hardest cock in my 35 odd years of being Bi.

A pretty satisfying afternoon I reckon, what do you think?

P.S. at all times I was alert enough to make sure all guys were wearing protection, I told a couple either cover up or fuck off.