29 Mar 2016

My dishevelled wife walked into our bedroom. She smiled, kissed me and without saying a word, reached under her sexy short skirt and pulled down her hot, lace panties. Her sexy legs were naked, no stockings, I noticed, as I watched the flimsy lace underwear being pulled down.

My wife stepped fully out of her panties and left them crumpled on the bedroom carpet. The cum-soaked gusset was impossible to miss and I naughtily grabbed my phone and snapped a single photo (for my later enjoyment) whilst my wife continued to strip naked, directly in front of me, and sexily climbed under the covers, motioning for me to follow..

She finally said out loud, "He used me like a fuck doll, baby, he pumped every drop of his thick cum, deep inside me, come and fuck me, baby, come and feel, come and fuck, my messed up, flooded cunt.

I did not need to be invited twice and I jumped in!

My erection has been up and down all evening, knowing that my wife was out fucking. My wife loves to get over the week hump-day with a real sexy romp! I followed her under the covers and my cock was now making an impressive tent, that was noticeable, even under our bed covers.

My wife snuggled up against me. Her hand found my stiff cock under the covers which by now had a created a rather large wet spot from my leaking tip. She grasped my cock firmly and dived under the cover to have a taste. She ran her tongue lustily and wetly all over my cock, thoroughly tasting me, before coming back up.

“I always like to taste you after my night out,” she said, her hand back firmly on my wet cock.

“Who did you meet up with tonight?” I asked, She hadn’t told me beforehand.

“A new friend,” my wife smiled coyly and pulled back the covers, she then swung a leg over me and guided my cock into her open pussy, mounting my erection perfectly, she was so wet.

My wife whispered in my ear, "he had a cock length just like yours, baby" She continued, " But what I really liked about him was that his cock was so very thick and he could come inside me or on me, two to three times. My wife's cunt certainly felt puffy and silky, like had been well fucked by him, her pussy was way looser than normal.

“He fucked me sooooo' good. I loved the way his cock stretched me wide open.” She put her hands on to my shoulders and started riding me, driving me deep up inside, slowly. I watched my cock sliding in and out of her, between her soft lips. Her own juice's and what was left of his creamy cum, soaked my balls and coated my cock. My wife's pussy was very hot, very wet, and very loose, exactly how I love her.

“I had him, just as we left the hotel, lastly fuck me in the car park, just before I was to drive home, she teased, just so I have a fresh thick, silky cream pie for your screwing enjoyment, baby.” Her sexy breasts continued to swing in front of my face, up close, I could see her nipples were red and inflamed. I sucked on one and it sent a soft tremble through her whole body.

“He wanted to cum on my tits tonight but I told him to blow hard and deep in my pussy or nothing.” I switched to the other nipple. “So he sucked and bit my nipples instead, see how abused they are baby?” she moaned.

“Let him come on them next time.” I was getting close to coming myself, as she spoke. The sweet contractions from her driving pussy, drove me on and I continued playing with her abused nipple, she felt so delicious on my cock. “I want to see your breasts covered in his thick cum, I want to smell his semen on your soft skin as I fuck you, I mumbled.”

“Hmm,” my wife moaned at the idea. My wife is a lover of her own orgasm on a pulsing, orgasming cock. She is still definitely into being come on, but a cunt full of hot cum is her favourite. My hands were now holding her hips, controlling how fast she rode me as I approached my oncoming orgasm.

The images in my head, my wife walking through the hotel car park with still warm, fresh cum all over her breasts, triggered my orgasm. I thrust as deep and as hard as I could, I fucked her deep and flooded my own jets of cum to her already filled, flogged and now orgasming pussy.

My wife ground down, riding hard and enjoying an intense orgasm, she held my gaze as she rode down her orgasm, she slowed but continued to rock backwards and forwards gently, waiting until my cock stopped twitching inside her, before finally climbing off and collapsing down next to me. She weakly smiled and said out loud, I am so fucked!

I was laid out, enjoying my "post orgasm" I was just watching my sticky cock softening, I also watched as my naughty wife, deliciously scooped up our leaking cum that was dribbling out from her well fucked pussy and then she smiled at me and cheekily rubbed the handful of fresh semen all over her soft breasts.

Something for you to enjoy later, she grinned.

And that is definitely a very sexy something I will enjoy...