Written by Tommyten

8 Aug 2010

This happened four years ago . I was to be designated driver for two ladies who were doing drinks at Hamilton in Brisbane . One (I'll call her Helen) I had been fucking with for a year or so but the other was a friend (I'll call her Sue) who knew we were fucking . (We were all married to other people.) Anyway after taking them back to a neutral place , Sue's mother's , Helen said let's do it now , wasn't going to knock that back and we went into another room while Sue sang along to the Stereo. When we emerged Sue said lets have a spa ,so we headed to the spa where both got their gear off . Sue was a bit hesitant but Helen not so . Both by this stage were horny and at one stage I had my fingers up both of them at the same time , heading back to the unit we all ended up in bed together where both got it on ( a first and a last as far as I know) and the final bit was me tongue kissing Sue while fucking Helen ... a long held dream came true ......it never happened again I might add shit happens but even so it was a good way to end it....