Written by Golden Oldie

17 May 2011

I was vey young when I became interested and involved (at some level) in swinging. It started when I was with my current girlfriend, and another couple, became involved in some heavy "passing" activities whilst on a bush picnic, in the presence of each other. This was so out of the ordinary, but when we (each couple started to become intimate with our partners, i.e. playing breasts, pussy's, cocks, etc, and no one sought any form of privacy, it was not long before we were all naked and busy screwing with out respective partners. After our first orgasm ,we all sought of lay back in the sunshine enjoying the feeling of a warm summer breeze on our sweaty bodies, and each of us in turn rose to stretch ourselves, we all looked with unbridled lust ipon the bodies of our friends partners. The surprising thing here was that the two girls exhibited no signs of modesty (false or otherwise), and were easily involved in casual flirting (initially) with the partner of the friend. It was not long before this turned into another round of heavy sexual activity, even leading to a "group" hug of 4 lusty bodies pressing hard against each other. We all commented how much we enjoyed the activity, and literally that we felt no pangs of jealousy, embarrasement / shyness.

We repeated this performace several times over the next 18mths or so,(with interesting stories attached) but like all young lovers, we eventually moved off in different directions. Having tasted this sexual "freedom", I founf myself seeking to repeat this activity as often as possible (remember I am talking of 50 ears ago) so attitudes were still somewhat 'Victorian", but still I was succesfull, at least once a year (in the early years,) to engage in a bit of swinging. As time and attitudes changed, I had better luck, and one of the side benefits is that I am not left to "play" with my elder peers, but many younger women, and even the occassional "under 20" shares herself with me as part of the freedom to share sexual encounters with those whom we so desire.