Written by I_luv_it

1 Jul 2014

I was on holiday at a Resort in Thailand just chilling out on a sun lounge by the pool, just watching people as I love to do.

Looking around I spotted a woman in a pale green sun dress sitting on a sun lounge about 3 lounges from me, as I looked at her our eyes met and we held each other’s gaze after a minute or two she smiled and looked away.

I cast my gaze back to the pool, and saw this woman, in what I thought was a white bikini, stand up out of the water, her white top was almost transparent, and I could see her nipples pressing against her top. She saw me looking at her, smiled and put a hand inside her top to move her tit so that the top was not transparent. The bottom half of her bikini was of a light tan colour, which looked very nice with the white top.

As she left the pool I glance sideways and spotted the woman in the pale green sun dress looking at me, she smiled that knowing what I was doing smile and held my gaze. It was me who looked way this time….

Will finish latter