Written by I_luv_it

7 Jul 2014

Part Two

Dinner that night was a buffet style roast, BBQ and as I was looking along the tables wondering what to have, I heard this very English voice say “the roast beef is rather succulent I would try that if I were you” I turned as saw her, the lady from the pool, the red head with the green dress, only this time she had on a blue and white mid lengthy dress that was cut in a wide “V” at front that showed a fair amount of cleavage. “You will trip over it if you are not carful” she said. Me looking at her mouth open. “Sorry, but you look very nice in that dress, I am Peter, Pete to my friends” “thank you, Pete, I am Jane”. She then asked me if my partner and I would like to join her and her partner for drinks after dinner. I told her I would love to but my partner is not the social type and does not like to meet people. “Pity I think we could be good friends” “no I am sorry, I only fly solo” “Maybe another time then” she said and walked off. I did have the roast beef which was good.

Breakfast the next morning was early as my partner had arranged to go for a Thai cooking class. We were sitting at a table on the terrace and I had a bowl of cereal and orange juice, when I heard Jane say to the waiter “that table will be nice thank you” I looked up to see Jane and her partner sit down at the table in front of me. Jane was facing me, and had on the green sun dress again. She saw me look at her and smiled. I continued eating and looked at her from time to time, not trying to make it obvious. As I looked up for the third or fourth time, I noticed that Jane was sitting back in her chair and had slid down a little, as I watched her she opened her legs and I could see that she had a pair of white panties on, which just covered her pussy. I had just finished my cereal, so we got up and went to the buffet for more food. I had just ordered an omelette and was waiting for the chef to cook it when Jane came up and order one as well. As we were waiting Jane asked if I liked what I saw I told her that I did and she told me to keep looking.

My omelette was ready so I got some bacon and toast and went and sat back down. I had nearly finished my meal when I noticed Jane return to her table and as I looked toward her she again slipped down in her chair and I could see up her dress, I nearly chocked on by bacon for I could see that Jane had taken off her panties and I could see her cunt, with just a hint of red hair above her slit. What a sight. She just smiled at me chocking and sat back up.

Part three to follow....