Written by not2old_1

6 Mar 2013

Had been sticking things in my hole since I was kid, and seemed to have this unusual interest in what I could get up my rear.

Grew up in a small country town and wasn't exposed to gay stuff, so really shouldn't have known about it, when I did see my first porn pics in a Sexpaper it was like finding myself, it wasn't until I was about 20 when I had my first MM experience, sucked a bloke under a toilet wall one day, and when I went back to the same toilets the next day I was was keen to get a cock in my ass.

It wasn't long before I had a player interested and this bloke wanted to come into my toilet and play, In those days I didn't know about cleaning your ass out before and when he was trying to get his cock in my hole there was shit dripping onto the floor, he didn't seem to mind and kept pushing his fat dick into my ass, it didn't take long and he was blowing up me, no condom, he kept fucking me for a few minutes after blowing and there was cum and shit flowing out of my ass, it was pretty nice, know better now and don't follow this practice, but I can tell for the first time it was bliss.

To this day I would love to take a cock bareback like that again, but it is just to risky