Written by unsatisfied

22 Jan 2014

I've been with my husband for the last 11 years. We've been tossing the idea of fucking other people for a little while now. I like hearing the details about him and his escapades lol. I've never really felt the need or the urge to fuck elsewhere until recently.

So I put an ad on sh and I got a message from a guy that lives in Brisbane saying that my profile is awesome bla bla bla r he was in my town for the next couple of nights.  Would I like to meet up for a nsa fuck. I sent one back saying that I'm home with the kidstonight but thanks for the offer. He replied with a suggestion of him coming over at midnight for a late night adventure. I thought fuck it why not.  

So we texted on and off for the arvo. Getting me more and more excited.  I gave him directions etc and put the kids to bed.  I had a very long shower shaving and exfoliating etc.  By 10pm I was wet with anticipation.  I lay down for a quick nap expecting to be up all night.

 11.45 he texted me to see if it was still Ok to come.  I said yes.  I can't wait! He arrived about 5 minutes later.

 I was wearing a loose singlet top that goes to just below my bum. No undies no bra (we'd discussed it previously - that's what he asked me to wear) He walked in and kissed me. No words were spoken. It was different kissing someone that wasn't my husband.  His hands went straight for my arse. Gripping it and squeezing it with very strong hands. 

I pressed against him feeling his hard cock against my belly.  (Yes I'm very short) He asked where the bedroom was.  I led him down there.

We kissed some more and I took off his shirt. He then took off mine.  I went to undo his pants but he stopped me and turned me around with my back to him.  He bent me over and inserted a couple of fingers in.  I was sooooo wet by now and so excited that I almost came then and there.  He pushed his fingers in deeper while stimulating my g spot and I said oh good I'm gonna cum. He said cum for me baby. I came and squirted a little bit on his hand.

He turned me around and undid his pants pushing me down softly. I didn't need to be asked twice lolHe was pretty small so I was able to get all if him in my mouth easily.  He started rocking his hips so I thought ooh I'd better slow down a bit.  I moved my mouth to his balls. But kept my hand stroking his cockTaking his shaved balls in my mouth he started making a bit of noise so I knew I was doing it well.  I moved back up to his cock and started suckling up and down squeezing good balls with my hand gently.  He said he was going to cum and so I kept going.  He came in my mouth.  He tasted different to Tim as well.  

I swallowed it all and he helped me up off my knees.  I went over to the side of the bed and had a drink of water. He collapsed in the bed saying he was sooooo tired etc. He then pulled his pants up.  Patted me on the bum and said thanks babe.  Then he got up and started to walk out.  

I put on a shirt and followed him to the door.  He kissed me hungrily so I leant into him kind of indicating that I could keep going.  He broke off the kiss and said thanks for that.  You really do give great head.  Then he walked off. 

And that was my rather unsatisfied end to my night. I was left hornier than what I was before!

I'm tossing up whether to try out again with somebody else or just take it as a sign that I shouldn't have even attempted it in the first place....