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My first bi 3some part 2

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3 min
Published 8 years ago
i was staring at both for what seemed along time , and stood my self , loking at steve his cock was about 6-7 inches long not overly thick ,,, much the same as mine , as i undressed kelly sat back down and opened her legs which steve knelt down and proceeded to kiss and lick her pussy , as i sat on the floor i rubbed her leg and reached for a breast to rub ,not knowing what to do , after a min steve stopped looked at me and said go on taste her , so i did as he watched me ,,,, (i was 22 but knew what i was doing with my tongue), she said ,,, mmmm your good as steve sat on the lounge next to her ,in a position for her lean over and suck him , as i ate her i occassionally looked at what she was doing , it looked good ,and i continued to glance over , as i licked her ,,,,well i was doing something right as i made her cum ,,,,as she squirted in my face ,,(another 1st),she then got to the floor between steves legs as i watched her sucking him , only stopping to suck his balls a look at me ,she then said after a min , would you like to suck it ,,,,(i was very nervous ,,,)and with out saying a word motion my self to him , and kelly slide back and let me between his legs,i took his shaft in hand and licked the knob of it which tasted very nice , as i slowly lowered my head on to him her sighed in pleasure, which is a confidence booster, as i was taking strokes with my mouth kelly was saying to both of us this is hot ,,u like it babe , which was turning me on ,,,big time , i decided to copy what kelly did , and licked his balls as well,after a few mins steve looked at me and said ,,my turn , and i sat on the lounge legs apart and kelly started as steve knelt beside her ,they both took turns off stucking me and licking my balls ,, and then i felt a finger rubbing my arse which was very pleasurable , and very slowly it was pushed in , and started to to recede and re enter, it was the first time anything had gone in , well steve stop sucking me and left the room for a min , at that stage i realised it was kelly fingering my ass, when steve returned he had a box of condoms and a tube of lubricant , we i watched him put the condom on and started to fuck kelly doggy as she sucked and fingered my ass ,,,as this went on i noticed i was enjoying my arse fingered and started to lift my legs so she could go deeper,and she stopped sucking me and continued to finger my ass ,i was now holding my legs up to let her do what was feeling so good , she stopped for a second and dribbled lube around my arse and fingered me with the lube , as steve was watching as he fucked her he said that is hot , and slowly pulled out of kelly ,,, and she held my leg up as steve moved in ,at that stage i was open to anything ,i was in heaven ,,steve then placed my other leg on his shoulder as i felt the knob of his cock on my ass as he pushed forward he said let me know if its hurts, and before i knew it i could feel his balls on my butt, as kelly leaned forward and kissed me it was feeling awesome , as steve slowly pulled back i could feel his cock, as he then pushed in again slowly he built a rythum,,,

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