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My first bi 3some part 3

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2 min
Published 8 years ago
as kelly was kissing me steve was fucking me , he was at a steady rythym ,not poundind me but it was feeling unbeliveable as kelly started sucking my nipples, i started to feel ever so different (i know now , steves cock was pressing my g spot), wel after a few more strokes from steve my body began to shudder uncontrollably, as the most intense orgasm id had to that date , was from a guy , as i started to cum kelly put her mouth over the head of my cock to take all my cum ,, as steves rythum didnt change , my body was shuddering for several mins as every stroke from steve felt awesome , as my body went limp , steve rolled me to my side , still fucking me , i didnt want it to end ,,,, but steve pulled out and had kelly lay in the same position i was in ,legs over his shoulders as he started to fuck her arse, as i lay recovering i watched and noticed i was getting hard again and so did kelly ,she reached and grabbed my cock and stroked till i was hard again , and then pulled it to her mouth ,as i knelt beside her steve took my hand and placed it on kelly's pussy which was so wet as it dribbled to her ass as a natural lube , after a few mins of me rubbing her clit and steve fucking her arse , kelly started to cum and steve really pounded her ass ,,,,, as her body went limp , steve sat on the lounge next to her , and i thought i gotta make steve cum ,,, so i knelt beside him,removed the condom and started sucking him hard ,i was literally head butting his lower stomach as i did it ,,, i must have been doing it right as he was getting heavier in breath , then just gasped as he blew in my mouth and down my throat, as kelly watched with a smile from ear to ear, as we all sat back on the lounge , there was a awkward silience ,till kelly offered another drink boys,,,, yes i did get to fuck kelly that night ,and do some other things id never done before , they were an amazing couple, and from that night in november 1992 ,,,, i was bisexual, but didnt make it a priority in my life, but but now im 41 , i seek to find couples , with a bi male ,and couples a little older than myself as they know what they seek and tend to feel more comfortable with a guy my age,, couples younger than myself ive found unreliable and tyre kickers that was my first 3some and my first bisexual 3some , steve kelly and i played a few more times over the next few months until they moved to sydney , have not heard from them in almost 18 years but will never forget that night ,

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