Written by psolis

16 Oct 2010

This happened many years ago.

It was early october 1984 (the weekend befor bathurst 1000). It was a warm 27 degree day soI decided to head off to Maslins beach,(our nudist beach here in Adelaide). Heading through Seaford there were alot of road works & as is usual here people don't generally let other motorists to merge into traffic. I generally do & it is here ,that, unbenowns to me at the time, would allow me to meet SANYA & KURT.

As we cleared the roadworks we continued on our way & we both turned off at the same road that leads to the top carpark of maslins beach. I pulled up alongside them. As we got out of our cars I could not help but look at Sanya, a tall curvy brunette with what appered to be large boobs all wrapped up in her sarong. She smiled at me as I said Hi & kurt thanked me for letting him into traffic. As we gathered our things I noticed he had the same motorsport magazine as I , so I started to talk about that & the upcomming Bathurst.

As we walked down to the beach talking about that & the weather & anything else Kurt asked If I would like to join them ,which I quickly accepted. We set up our umbrellas & towels etc & proceeded to strip . Now let me tell you, I prefer women with a bit of extra weight,you know...... more cushin for the pushin , something to hold on too,... all that sort of stuff

well as Sanya unwrapped her self I could not get my eyes off her, curves in all the right places,a shaven pussy (common place now but rare then) & big full breasts with rings through her nipples, well I just started to bone up, so I sat down hoping not to be embarressed, when kurt said " hey johnno its ok ,I still get a hard on every time I see her naked "

This seemed to break the ice & talk of cars & bathurst stopped & our conversation turned to all things sexual. As we were talking Sanya gotme to sit closer where she started to discreetly stroke my dick. Kurt handed me a bottle of sunscreen and asked me to rub it into Sanyas back & bum. I did as I was asked all the time while Sanya was stroking me.As I was rubbing her bum my hands found thier way down into her pussy.I pushed one finger in & then another. We were masturbating each other there on the beach, First I cum, Sanya manouvering so it landed on her titts, Then a couple of minutes later she cum.

We all went for a swim to wash up when kurt asked "did I enjoy that?" ofcourse I replied yes, when he then asked me what am I into& what do I like. Unable to think fast enough My reply was I am willing to try anything once. Ok he said have U ever been fucked by a guy? No was my reply. He left it at that.

As the afternoon went on we talked about alot of things both sexual & non sexual, when in the afternoon at about 3pm Sanya asked me to come too thier home that night for a meal (probably takeaway) & I & Kurt can watch old car racing footage etc & then with a wicked glint in her eye she said It would be worth my while. I did not need a second invitation.

We packed up & headed to our cars where we exchanged phone numbers & I was given thier adress.

7pm that night I knock on thier door & kurt opens the door & welcomes me in, Sanya calls out Hi John how r u? Won't be a minute, we got KFC ,is that ok with you. As I am saying "fine" she walks out of her bedroom, & says what ....still got your clothes on?...You see they were both naked.Fine by me , as they say ....WHEN IN ROME.

We sat down too eat Had a couple of beers ,Sanya said you guys go watch car racing while I clean up. So here we are 2 guys sitting naked on the couch watching footage of 1979 Bathurst 1000 when in walks Sanya kneels down in front of me & takes my rapidly hardening cock into her mouth.After A couple of minutes she says to Kurt, who is kneeling behind her licking her out, ohh Kurt you should taste this it is yum. Kurt works himself to the front & proceedes to suck me off. Now I must say with my eyes closed I could not tell who was sucking me, They were both experts. Kurt continued until he felt my body tense up with anticipation, he sucked harder & faster until I could no longer hold it & I blew my load down his throat.

Sanya took my hand & led me to thier bedroom. Within a couple of minutes I was as hard as again & ready to go. I proceeded to lick & suck every part of Sanyas deliciouse curvy body. Kurt was also there. Sanya was lapping it all up, first My cock was in her mouth then Kurts was & while I was sucking on sanyas Boobs & clit kurt was sucking my cock, until I worked it into Sanyas wet dripping pussy. As we were rooting, every time I picked up the pace she would slow me down,

This happened a few times when she said "kurt wants to fuck you now, Is that OK?' I just groaned & nodded yes,I didn't care I was working my way to heaven. I felt kurt rubbing my bum with something, which later ,I was to find out was baby oil , then I felt him place the head of his cock just on to my bumhole, I flinched ,when they both said "relax & take it easy but if it hurts just say so" & Kurt will stop.

So here I had kurt trying to work his 9" dick (yes 9 inches but not overly thick) into my bum while I am still pumping his gorgouse wife. After a few attempts he finally got it in & all the way up, & while it was uncomfortable initially, I was soon enjoying it. All three of us were working in unison, they were experts in holding me off until after about 10 minutes we all exploded together, I unloaded what I had left into Sanya & Kurt unloaded into my now nolonger virgin ass. I had never experienced an orgasam like it, my whole body shaking for minutes after.

Asked how I enjoyed my first annal I could hardly speak. They both laughed & said yep pretty well the same answer as the other guys. They told me that they had done the same with two other virgin guys in the past.

That night we continued rooting. I fucked Sanya ,Kurt fucked me, sanya Fucked us both with her strap on & I also fucked my first male ass. Yes it was a night.

The following week we went to bathurst together, They already had a room booked at cowra, so I changed my plans.That was a weekend of cars & sex. We remained friends for many years until they moved to W.A. to work on A new mine up there somwhere, Unfortunately we lost touch, but 26 years later I am still going both ways & I am foreever grateful that they introduced me to the wonderful world of Bisexuality.