31 Jan 2016

So its been a while since I wrote anything on this site and almost a year since this meet but I thought I would leave it a while before I wrote about my meeting with an older couple. I have been on here for a while without any luck and starting to thinks that its a waist of time when I recieved an email saying that they had read my profile and his wife got very wet reading it and talking about the fact that they would send me a message and see if I responded. Im in my early 40s and they were in their late 50s early 60s but hubby had sent me some realy horny pics of the wifey playing with her shaved wet pussy apparently taken when she was reading my profile. She had a very tidy body for a womon of her age and a shaved wet pussy with fingers in it is such a turn on who was I to say No. I responded to the message and the messages went back and forth until we agreed to meet at a coffee shop in Mawson lakes shopping centre to see if we clicked. I got ther early to case the place out to make sure it was all ok etc. I went across to the pub to get a stiff drink to calm my nerves(make that 2) then went back to the cafe and it was now very busy, I noticed an older lady stting by herself and she made eye contact with me and instantly lifted out of her seat a little with excitment. She looked older than I had expected and I paniced a little and turned away from her and looked at the poeple at the counter being served and instantly recognised her husband from the messagers and her recognissed me. Pleasentries we exchanged and I jioned them at a table for a quick drink where they told me they didnt expect me to show as they hadnt had much luck with this site in well over a year of trying. Anyway after 20mins or so I could see she was preatty excited that I had turned up and hung around so she asked me if I wanted to come back to their place for a coffee. So I thought WTF Ive come this far..so I followed them around the corner to their place.

Once inside we went into the lounge room and she excused herself to go to the tiolet and I felt my cock twinge with excitement as I thought she would come out wearing next to nothing after what seemed like a while I heard the door open and looked to see what she was wearing and she had not changed at all. I thought bummer I was expecting a naked women to come out...shit!!!

After she returned I excussed myself and went to the tiolet and didnt close the door as I was hoping she would come for a look but she didnt but I did hear her say to her husband in a very excited voice" there is another man in our house and he is here for me" I returned to the loungeroom. Anyway we talked about all sorts of stuff as they sussed me out for the next hour then I thought well this is not going anywhere and I need to pick my son up soon so I said"well I gotta go nice to meet you both hope to catch up soon."

and thats when he replied with "do you mind possing for a couple of photos for our personal collection before you leave?"

"Shit no" I replied

thats when he told his wife to go and get changed and come back out to the lounge.

She was back in no time wearing and little G string and Bra and she looked so hot I instantly got a hard on.

He asked if she would sit on my lap fpr a photo and I said we could do better than that surely?

"what do you mean?"he said

I said what if I lick her nipples and finger her and you take a picture of that?"

well before he could get the camera ready she allready had her tits out and pulled her nickers to the side so I could finger her, which I did while he took photos. As I fingerd her she was talking dirty the whole time to her husband saying "there is another mans fingers inside babe and how good it felt". I stuck three fingers in her wet pussy and she came as I bit and licked her nipples, after several minutes he asked if we take it too the bedroom to continue but as I have never done anything like this and it was broad day light and there was no alcohol involved I was feeling a little shy with the thought of her husband standing in the roo m taking photos of me fucking his wife. I sort of thought it might pane out a little different I suppose and unfortunatly I was running out of time as we had waisted to much time earlier and had to go. So I had to leave her wet and him aswell I would think and me too but it was a awesome afternoon that I hadnt expected with an older couple . I think I blew it but you know what it was a awesome experience I wish it was at night and I had a drink or two and then things would have been very different.