12 Jul 2020

Well this is the tale of my first ever time. I had fooled around as a teenager with a girlfriend over time, but had never actually got down to anything serious. It was always just soft touching and grinding against each other, nothing else.

So, I was 19 years old, travelling the world, and settled in a Hostel in New York at the end of Summer. I had already spent a few days touring the Big Apple and the room I was staying in was tiny. The first few days, I was in the room with a couple of other guys from Europe. They kept to themselves and were leaving to head to another part of the States. As I head out for the day, I had no idea what was to lay ahead of me when I got back.

It was about 5 in the afternoon when I got back to my room. I put the key in the door, turned it and opened the door, expecting to see some new guys in my room. Instead, there sat 3 lovely, beautiful ladies, all about the same age as me. They looked at me and asked, do you have the right room? Confused, I looked at my key and said, I believe so, do you? I don’t think any of us had realised that the dorms were co-ed, but I was not complaining. Anyway, we all introduced ourselves with a hand shake and sat around chatting for a bit before we went out to find a slice of Big Apple Pizza.

We spent the next few days touring the around together, going from 1 land mark to the next. Even though I had already done most of them, it was far better doing it in the company of 3 ladies.

Eventually came my last night in NY. We all went to dinner at a fairly nice restaurant and later to a bar for some drinks. Because I was only 19, one of the girls who was 21 purchased them for me. We ended up heading back to the Hostel at about midnight because I needed to leave by 6 to get to the airport.

We all showered (separately) and met back in our room in our pyjamas. I was wearing boxer shorts and a shirt and the girls were wearing short pyjama shorts and tank tops with no bras. I was fit back then and had a six pack and a ‘V’ that the girls were crazy about. There had been a lot of flirting going on between 2 of the girls and myself as the 3rd girl had a boyfriend back home.

The girl with the boyfriend went to bed pretty quickly and was asleep in minutes. I was on my bed and the other 2 girls were on another. Now to explain a little more, the room had 2 x bunk beds with a little gap in between to walk and about 1 metre of space at the foot of the bed to the doorway. So you can imagine, there was not much room in this room. The girl that went to bed was on the top bunk that was over mine.

Anyways, the girls invited me to come and lay on the bed with them. Who was I to say no to such a lovely invite. I got in between them and lay on my back. Both girls were instantly cuddled up to me and touching the outside of my leg with their hands, both had their feet tangling with mine and I could feel their tits rubbing against my arms. As you can imagine, as 19 year old, I was hard instantly and my boxers were doing nothing to hide that fact.

One of the girls then said, anyway, I will leave you both too it, gave me a kiss on the lips and slid over the top of me, brushing over my hard cock and onto the other girl. She gave her a kiss on the lips and whispered “have fun”. I guess they had planned this all along. She then climbed up onto the bunk above us. I could see her lacy white panties crotch as she climbed up the steps that were right next to our heads.

Anyway, it didn’t take long and we were all over each other. Kissing, fondling, grinding. She led the way, making me lay on my back. She pulled her tits out over the top of her low cut singlet and rubbed her tits in my face. She then slowly worked my shirt off before moving her hand down to my cock and touching it over the top of my boxer shorts. There was definite pre-cum seeping through and she was playing with that. Before I knew it, I was in her mouth and she was going to town on me and it felt awesome.

After a little while, she came back up and started kissing me again, leading my hand down to her panties. A quick touch of the outside confirmed they were satin material and wet through. I wasted no time and put my hand inside her panties and worked away on her clit and pussy. I could feel how wet she was in an instant and my fingers slid in straight away. I could feel a bit of hair down there and went to work my way down south to return the favour with my mouth, but was denied my first pussy licking experience. I had to settle for licking my fingers before sending them back south. I worked her clit which was getting bigger and bigger. Before long, she came, I could feel her pussy clenching, her back was arching and she was doing muffled deep groans into my shoulder.

After her orgasm, she said, “Fuck Me now!”. The condom was on in an instant and I was ready. She pulled her soaking wet panties down and I got on top, slowly sliding my cock all the way in with one easy movement. It was so easy, she was so wet. She groaned a groan of delight as I slid my cock in. It started out slow and steady, moving to a faster rhythm. The bed was rocking back and forth, the hinges were making a squeaking noise. At first I was worried that the other girls might still be awake or wake up, but that quickly disappeared and I didn’t care. I was kind of hoping that they would both wake up and join in with us, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Anyways, for the next few hours or so, we fucked our brains out. I came twice during this session and I am not sure how many she came, but it seemed like a few. By the end, it was nearly time for me to leave. I got up, got dressed and gave her another deep and passionate kiss. It was a shame I had to leave after such a fun night. I went and had a shower, coming back about 15 minutes later. She was sound asleep, but to my surprise, the other girl on the top bunk wasn’t. As I was grabbing my bags, and about to leave, she whispered “Hope you had fun, I sure did listening to you both”.

I was shocked and a little embarrassed, but said thank you as I left. I got on the subway to the airport and had the biggest smile on my face all of the way to the airport. I couldn’t help but think about what this other girl was doing whilst we were in the throes of fucking. As a best guess and from her comments, I guess she probably played with herself whilst listening or watching us. If I knew she was awake, I would have asked her to join us. Anyways, I had to wait for another 18 years to experience my first threesome, and it was AWESOME.

We emailed a couple of times but eventually it died out, never to hear from each other again. But, what an experience for my first ever time. One I will never ever forget.